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Beloved Duncan Murdered Essay


The flow of blood stopped and History recorded an awful death. King Duncan over the past 10 years has actually shown to be the most trusted noble. He is a good and Godly male, pal to the bad and protector of the downtrodden, but unfortunately he is no more with the people of Scotland. On the grim night of November 10th, the terrific King Duncan of Scotland was killed in his chamber. According to the porter, King Duncan was visiting the castle of his Thane, Lord Macbeth, throughout the time of his death.

The porter further pointed out that Lord Macbeth had actually arranged a grand feast for the king and his boys throughout their see to Macbeth’s castle in celebration of Macbeth’s brand-new titles.

After the banquet, intoxicated visitors lived to their proper chamber and no disruptions were tape-recorded throughout the night until the following early morning when the King was discovered lying dead in his bed with multiple stab injuries to the chest.

The main suspects of this unanticipated murder consist of the King’s two children as well as his guards. The guards were discovered the next morning with the murder weapons, in addition to blood smeared all up and down their body. Nevertheless, Duncan’s children ran away the scene and are also presumed for the murder of their dad.

In an interview with Lord Macbeth he mentioned, early in the early morning, two noblemen, Macduff and Lennox were called to the castle to check out King Duncan, but when they entered their king’s chamber they exclaimed “o scary, scary, horror!” Macbeth also stated, “prior to the private investigators could analyze the scene, the chamberlains were killed as a penalty for dedicating this gruesome deed.” Macbeth was mad throughout the duration of the interview. He expressed his distress and excellent loss by revealing his love and affection for the King and said he will do everything in his power to find the killer and punish him.

An interview with 2 Scottish nobleman was also held follow the murder of King Duncan. Throughout his interview, Lennox talked about what a horrible night it had actually been. He said the wind had actually blown chimneys down and explained how it shouted so awfully, however sadly avoided more questioning about the murder to promote the household’s long for privacy.

Macduff however consented to address more questions. Macduff stated during his interview, “It is hypothesized that the king’s children had bribed the guards to eliminate Duncan because the crown passes to the closest eligible kin.” After hearing the news of their dad’s murder, King Duncan’s son’s, Malcolm and Donalbain, fearing their lives, left Scotland. It appears to individuals of Scotland that the child’s rash departure makes them prime suspects of the crime.

King Duncan’s body was eliminated from Macbeth’s chamber in order for burial preparations. The King’s remains will be buried in the king’s burial grounds in Scotland. As soon as news of the murder was released to the public, individuals of Scotland began mourning for their beloved king and instantly began focusing all efforts on revealing who devoted this nasty deed.

Sadly, this awful murder remains unsolved. Investigations will continue until this mystery is solved. Townspeople are encouraged to come forward with any and all info that may lead to fixing of this criminal offense.

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