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“A Rose for Emily”. In the story, Miss Emily is Depicted as the Individual in the Spotlight.


“A Rose for Emily”

Miss Emily in William Faulkner’s narrative, “A Rose for Emily,” can be thought about as a celeb. In the story, Miss Emily is depicted as the individual in the spotlight. She is the lady who individuals in her town talk about. Her life is the material of gossips and rumors that spread among townsfolk. The interest in Miss Emily’s life as shown in the story is really comparable to the interest that people have for stars today such as Brittney Spears and Paris Hilton.

Readers come to know of who Miss Emily actually is through the ideas and the story telling of the narrator. The narrator was illustrated as a member of townspeople. His interest in the life of Miss Emily is an interest that is shared by the majority of other individuals in their town. Through his recount of considerable occasions in the life of Miss Emily, readers are able to comprehend who Miss Emily is.

By voicing out his thoughts, the storyteller is able to offer readers with additional insight into the character of Miss Emily. More notably, the narrator’s thoughts are extremely valuable for they permit the readers to understand how the members of the town view Miss Emily. It is through the narrator that Faulkner is able to reveal the character and personality of Miss Emily.

However what truly is the character of Miss Emily? Who is she? Based on how the storyteller portrays her, Miss Emily is a lonesome lady. She is a lady in consistent battle. Individuals may believe that she is amongst the privileged people however in truth, she is not. She, in fact, is a female who should live a life loaded with restrictions.

First, Miss Emily’s mom was in overall control of her life while he was alive. She could not develop relationships with males for her daddy turned every guy away. When her dad died, Miss Emily found herself in chaos. She was lonely and troubled for the loss of her dad changed her life completely.

Another restraint in Miss Emily’s life is the fact that people are constantly enjoying her. People await every move she makes. Therefore, she has to measure up to a specific credibility, not just her own however her whole family and their tradition also. This personality stays all though out the story.

Miss Emily understood that individuals were always attempting to understand what was going on in her life. Time did not alter the reality that she had a reputation to live up to. Thus, rather of facing this head on, Miss Emily decided to conceal herself away from the town’s spying eyes. Although she did disappoint herself to anybody, she knew that they were watching her. This belief remained with her until the very end of the story.

William Faulkner had the ability to effectively develop a character that readers might think. The way by which the narrator explained Miss Emily and the occasions in her life was very persuading. This is due to the fact that Faulkner used brilliant descriptions. They way by which he described Miss Emily enabled readers to picture Miss Emily and picture her in her environment.

Without such brilliant characterization, readers would not have the ability to fully comprehend and think who Miss Emily actually was. In addition, Faulkner composed the story in such a method that everyone else became secondary. He made certain that Miss Emily stuck out from the other characters. He merely utilized other characters as devices to the life of Miss Emily.

“A Rose for Emily” is a story that follows the life of a celeb. Miss Emily was the center of the attention in her town. This attention is the very reason that she concealed in her huge home, away from the spying eyes of the town.

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