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A Rose for Emily: Overbearing Existence of Emily Grierson’s Dad is Perhaps the Greatest Influence


A Rose for Emily

A Rose for Emily Emily’s Father Throughout this story, the overbearing existence of Emily Grierson’s dad is perhaps the greatest influence on her habits. The story explains how Miss Emily’s father rejected her suitors by standing in front of her and aggressively clutching a horsewhip whenever the young men concerned call. Without her fathers influence and overprotective habits it is likely that Emily would have made one of her suitors her spouse when she was still of suitable weding age for that time period.

When Emily’s father died the women of the town called on her to use their acknowledgements and aid as was their customized when someone suffered a terrible loss. Emily satisfied the ladies at the door and without any trace of feeling or grief on her face she sent them away discussing that her daddy was certainly alive and well. Emily kept this up for three days and lastly gave in just as the townspeople were going to by force take the body from her. All of her life up till his death Emily’s father controlled her and made all of her decisions for her.

When he died Emily was left alone lastly able live her own life, however considering that her daddy had actually been controlling her for so long she wasn’t able to function without him. Since she wasn’t able to function without his existence Emily chose to live her life as if her father was still with her. She invested the majority of her time within her house since that was where she could best feel her father’s soothing supremacy. Emily was incredibly resistant to contemporary modifications in the outdoors world impacting her own world since she was figured out to live in the past with the ghost of her father.

When the new age of city authorities in the town visited her to gather taxes they felt she owed, she sent them away explaining that she didn’t have any taxes since the mayor of an earlier generation had remitted them. When the town got free postal shipment Emily alone refused to let the numbers be secured above her door. Emily’s relationship with Homer Barron, the construction supervisor, was a desperate attempt to conserve herself from living the rest of her life alone with only the shadow of her daddy to manage her.

Emily desired a real physical existence in her life to dominate her simply as her dad had actually done and she felt Homer was her only chance to have this. When Emily recognized Homer wasn’t interested in marriage or a dedication of any kind she understood that he was bound to leave her eventually. To prevent him from deserting her she poisoned him and kept his body locked away in the upstairs of her old home. The body of Homer came to serve Emily as the physical representation of the managing existence in her life, her dad, and she discovered comfort in sleeping beside him.

The fact that the body was Homer’s and not her dad’s was of little consequence to Emily, if the townspeople had not required her to quit her daddy’s corpse, then he would have lain in location of Homer on the bed. Emily’s unhealthy attachment to her dad suggests that she might have had an incestuous relationship with him while he was still alive and she utilized the body of Homer Barron to continue this relationship.

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