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Analysis Essay A Rose For Emily


In “A Rose For Emily”, Emily was the one who was represented as the victim. Her father was extremely controlling to the point where he would not let her decide who she could marry. She ended up being so based on her father that when he passed away, she ended up being a completely various individual. She had no concept how to function in society as her own individual person. The someone she understood and liked was removed from her. She was in fact “left alone, and a pauper” (Faulkner 30).

Her daddy left her little cash but a prestigious name, which implied that people in the town treated Emily in a different way. They did not make buddies with her, not due to the fact that they did not like her, however due to the fact that she came from a prominent family. She would not pay for her taxes due to the loophole discovered by the town mayor. Essentially he had “created the tale, to the impact that Miss Emily’s dad had actually lent money to the town, which the town preferred in this manner of repaying” (Faulkner 29). The townspeople did not go reach out to her and support her. As if it was karma due to the reality that she did not deal with the townspeople with regard, she even got and ended up being bad. The townspeople comprehended “that with nothing left, she would need to cling to that which had robbed her as individuals will”(Faulkner 31). They did not hold it against her that she had problem managing this scenario. Emily is provided the “considerate affection of a fallen monolith”(Faulkner 28).

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When a guy by the name of Homer appeared in her life and had really taken interest in her she was very identified to stick with him forever. She was so shocked by his refusal to wed her, so she merely made it impossible for him to leave her. She made sure of it. “She will encourage him yet, because Homer himself had actually said– he liked guys, and it was understood that he drank with the younger guys in the Elks’ Club– that he was not a weding male.” (Faulkner 41). Emily had them both dressed up in wedding apparel and after that proceeded to toxin him so that she could pretend they had actually been married.

Emily had gone through something incredibly horrible and could not cope with it whatsoever. She was someone who had everything and after that lost whatever. If anybody else were put in her shoes and experienced the important things she was going through, they too may likewise do something as insane as what she did.

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