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A Rose For Emily – Character, Symbol and Setting


A Rose For Emily– Character, Sign and Setting

This story is set after the American Civil War, in Jefferson Town. It is a story about
a descendant of the noble woman, Emily Grierson, whose marriage is dominated by her
father. Two years after her dad’s death, Emily falls in love with a northerner called
Homer Barron. Unfortunately, Homer does not regard this relationship as major as
Emily and he intends to break up with Emily. Desperate Emily kills him and kept his
body up until her death. Since then, Emily isolates herself form the outside world and live lonely in her house for more than 40 years. In my viewpoints, this post talks about the change of the southern society and conflicts between southern society and northern society after the Civil War. This essay will be discussed from the following three parts: character, sign and setting.
Emily represents the south, the old and custom. In the story, the author invests a great deal of words on the design of her house which is 1870s style, does not alter anymore. Your house that isolates Emily from the world hints the mind of female: shuttered, dusty and dark. Furthermore, she likewise demands her previous opinions and follows her own sense of law. For instance, she refuses to pay her taxes when the new federal government obliges the taxes on her. She even unbelievably points out a colonel who has been dead for ten years. She prevents individuals from setting up main-box on the wall is another example. She keeps the old ways as much as possible, but refuses to change anything till she falls in love with the norther Homer. During that period time, hierarchy is peaceful popular and is deeply supported by people. It has a terrific impact on marital relationship. People generally choose similar social position person as spouse or partner. Emily is a tough female. She does not care individuals’s criticism and select to disobey the tradition. With this situation, her failure is predicable. However, she can’t leave of the Southern convention. In the end, she chooses her own method to enjoy her lover. Just like her father controls Emily, after his death, Emily controls Homer by not quiting his dead body. She could not find a conventional way to express her love to own Homer. Emily takes her whole life time becoming another her dad.
Emily represents the South, old and traditional. Homer represents the North, brand-new and contemporary. They may like each other when they first satisfy each other. However, they have various ideas about love, values and living designs. It is inevitable that they are separated later. The dispute between Emily and Homer symbolizes the conflict in between the South and the North. And the ludicrous murder might represent the big contradiction. The title of the story is A Rose For Emily.However, the rose never pointed out in the post. Typically, rose is a sign of love. It might be considered the love Emily obtains from Homer. But I believe rose int this story represents decay and death. In fact, Emily never ever gets love from his father and Homer. His father may like his child by his own way, managing her daughter life. But that is too severe for Emily. She could have a wonderful life without her daddy arrangement. She might have a terrific marital relationship. She could have got her deserved love from Homer. Nevertheless, since of her dad’s inference and her pride, she does not get a pleased ending. Besides, the rose also represents the author’s and local people’s pity, she could get a wonderful life if she goes out of the shadow of her daddy and accepts the modification.
This story is set after the American Civil War, in the South, which is beat by the North. Traditional things in South is gradually replaced by the North. In this background, because of the constraint of the old concept, some individuals might not go out of the past and refuse to change. Emily is one of them. The entire story is embeded in Emily’s house. Her home is described as old but grand. The house is obsoleted and is not same as other residential building. Your home mirrors Emily’s seclusion from the outside world. From within the house, whatever is covered with dust and the air is damp. The entire space seems likethe life Emily goes through and indicates the decay of the Southern nobility. She might get a better life after her daddy’s death. However, rather of getting out of the tower her father developed, she chooses to live in the shadow of her dad. In our life, the objective world is continuously altering. We need to adapt ourselves to the new environment and learn to accept new things.

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