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A Rose for Emily: Usage of Tense Functions Well and Strengthens the Authors Plot Design


Beyond these 2 similarities the stories vary significantly. One of the most notable differences in between the 2 stories is the tense with which they are written. Poe takes us into the mind of the primary character utilizing the very first person. In this method we find out about the insults committed against the primary character along with the intimate thinking he uses to justify his act of murder. On the contrary, Faulkner composes his story in the third-person omniscient voice and specifies the primary character through a myriad of supporting characters and dynamic images.

This usage of tense functions well and strengthens the authors plot design. The 2 authors produce really various environments in which the action occurs. Faulkner opens his short story establishing a bleak, dark phase by explaining a run-down Victorian home in a denigrated area. In the case of Poe’s narrative the first clear description of the environment comes later on in the story and describes the tunnels leading to the cask of Amontillado.

This cramped setting appears to reinforce the cramped area in which Fortunato is eventually entombed.

These settings work well to produce a strange and tense plot. Faulkner uses many characters in his story where Poe restricts himself to just 2. In Faulkner’s story the lead character is specified through the eyes of lots of characters thus developing an air of mystery that surrounds the main character, Miss Emily. Miss Emily is understood just through the minds others. On the other hand, Poe restricts his story to include only the assailant and victim. This very little cast, combined with the first individual tense, keeps the reader focused exactly where Poe meant.

This diverse use of characters adds considerably to the tension widespread in these two dynamic stories. The innovative usage of tense, environment and characters make these 2 stories stick out. The very first person tense takes you deep into the mind of a killer in one story and 2 in the other a portrait is painted by a diverse group of characters. 2 really various settings reinforce an air of secret. The vibrant usage of these techniques makes these two narratives stand apart as industry requirements. 3

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