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A Rose for Emily: Miss Emily Grierson


A Rose for Emily: Miss Emily Grierson

Miss Emily Grierson Possibly, the most attracting word for Emily isn’t “sick”. Berserk and constantly disrupted appears more enticing to a novice that does not comprehend the real depth of Emily’s nature. The narrator that speaks of this story has a character that of the old with an age of the young. Whether it may be a guy or female, the increased symbolizes appreciation to Emily as a radical in early females’s motion.

The type of individual Emily is, is entirely due to the men that have left an extreme yet resonating impact on her life; them being her daddy and Homer Barron. With their coexistence in her life, she ended up being the woman that she is at completion from their effect and the town’s comments. Borne into a household of great wealth with a well pronounced rich family tree; a duty of any woman of her age was supposed to follow, was anticipated to be followed and with specific accuracy.

Nevertheless, with Emily being highly concealed by her dad, she needed to live with lots of constraints of life, leading to a pronounced backlash and profuse modification of her character. Providing the reader a limited impression that as a character, she is shown with excessive pride, leaving a long-lasting creativity to readers, regarding what she was as a teen; but imagination does allow us to consider her as any kid; easily manipulative.

Yet as a person Emily responds to her scenario in her youth filled years like any child would during this time; booked, contented and with the utmost regard, as might be seen in the following excerpt, “So when she got to be thirty and was still single, we were not delighted precisely …”; although this does not state and show her obedience it candidly, as it does indicate that although she had terrific suitors and her dad sent them away she did nothing to stop it; clearly sending out the message that she is a acquiescent child.

Her dad, however, there is no creativity needed for; from context we can plainly see that he is an effective guy with much character. However his impressionable nature has been left to us in the very beginning of the story where it is shown to the reader from the ideas of the town as such “Miss Emily a slim figure in white in the background, her dad a spraddled shape with foreground, his back to her and clutching a horsewhip …” It is this image that uses this remaining image of a demonizing male with intimidation as his most favored pass time.

We can inform he is plainly successful with such a characteristic for when he passed away “Miss Emily met them at the door, dressed as normal and with no trace of sorrow on her face. She informed them that her father was not dead … Simply as they were about to resort to law and force, she broke down, and they buried her dad quickly.” Yet the damage had been done; she quickly turned into the one that she is late in life after her daddy’s death. And having been a females of immense distinguished family tree; she began to take a look at the world in a condescending way. To her those in the “regular” or “lower class” men were something she was not just used to however hated.

After some time she reemerged as what the people of the town would say “a woman, with a vague similarity to those angels in colored church windows– sort of awful and peaceful.” It is this image that shows the reader that her daddy’s death was a catalyst in changing her yet once again– this time into an independent female based on past actions and future worths. However she would not let the ‘awful’ truth that she was a lady bring her down into the world of the ‘poor’; she would hold her head up high, work to earn a living and not live by the support of another.

Nevertheless much she did attempt she was still considered as “Poor Emily” in the eyes of her fellow townsmen. With her growing interests in Homer Barron, so did the pitiful remarks that the townspeople. This did not prevent her at all; but instead enabled her to hold her direct greater and take a look at them with the eye of a sort of “noblesse oblige”. Clearly we can tell she undoubtedly heard the remarks made by those in the “lower classes” about her and she didn’t care. She was going to live her life the way in which she wanted to and they would have to like it.

That is why when they specified that “Homer himself had actually said– he liked men, and it was known that he drank with the more youthful guys in the Elks’ Club– that he was not a marrying guy”. Later we stated, “Poor Emily” she kept her head up high; like a rebel meant on doing what she felt even if the towns individuals didn’t approve it. Clearly she knew that he didn’t want to dedicate; of course not at first but later on into their relationship. This was another catalyst in altering Emily; knowing previously that Homer Barron was not meaning to remain pressed her into entering into the drug store requiring in the most honorable and dignified way “I desire arsenic”.

At this point it appears that Emily was fighting versus the town. As however, if she wished to be happy she was going to have to defend her right. But yet, it practically appears that to show the town that even though she was the last Grierson, she was going to keep her direct high and act like a true noble woman, which was getting what she desired. Emily is plainly not a sick or twisted woman; she is a woman that is defending her right to live and more than happy as much as she can.

It’s the damage that was inflicted upon her that coexists within her from the minute her father passes away till the moment Homer Barron leaves that makes her a female of strong wits and beliefs. And fighting for the right that females should have to have, which is joy be it if the male likes it or not. It is this influence that her daddy leaves on her that remains throughout the rest of her life– a company able impression that continually molds her into the woman she ultimately ends up being at the end, which is a woman at “seventy four … vigorous iron-gray, like the hair of an active man. “

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