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Plot Summary: A Rose for Emily


A Rose for Emily: Plot Summary 10

A Rose For Emily In the short story, A Rose for Emily, there are numerous contributing aspects to Miss Emily’s desire to eliminate Homer Barron. Numerous of the factors were the influence of the people throughout her life, such as, her dad, the women in the town, and Homer Barron himself. Miss Emily’s dad had a major influence on her life although he were dead all through the story. Emily’s daddy kept her from having any other male impact aside from himself by chasing away any males who tried to court her. The females of the town were another element that resulted in Emily’s issue.

They continuously gossiped and evaluated every aspect of her life, and when Homer ended up being a part of Emily’s life, they judged him as well. Another contributing factor to Homer Barron’s death is Homer Barron himself. He was a northerner who only boiled down South to pave the pathway and had a possibility of being homosexual. This led to him eventually leaving Emily for either reasons. For that reason, Emily’s father, the ladies of the town, and Homer Barron himself are the major elements that led Emily to kill her enthusiast. Emily dealt with her daddy her entire life.

She remained single approximately his death not due to the fact that she picked to, however, due to the reality that her dad chased away all the guys who attempted to court her. (Pp. 18) He generally locked her far from any experience with love. As a result, her father wound up being the only person in her life that she would like and look after until she met Homer Barron. Emily’s solitude throughout her life was the reason for her failure to let go the one she enjoys. For instance, her daddy was the only individual she had, so when he passed away, she rejected his death so she might hang on to him.

Hence, the reason Emily eliminated Homer Barron was to keep him in her life, dead or alive, since he was the only person she had actually left. The 2nd contributing element to Homer Barron’s death was the females of the town. The ladies pitied Emily in many methods and they frequently revealed it by stating, “bad Emily”. They constantly interfered in her life throughout the story and evaluated her for whatever she did. When she fulfilled Homer, they stated, “Of course a Grierson would not think seriously of a Northerner, a day worker.” (Pp. 19) They, then, spread out the report that

Homer had the potentials to be gay. Once his homosexuality was a question, they considered it a disgrace and led to requiring her cousins. This was probably a shame to Emily. It likewise led her to think that Homer was really gay and he possibly would leave her since of that. Homer Barron and Emily met not long after her father’s death. He was the first to really court Emily. Since Emily was already middle-aged and the truth was that nobody else would want her, Homer was sort of her last opportunity.

The truth that he was a Northerner whos just factor for coming to the South was to do construction work probably led her to think that he would soon leave her. There were likewise reports that his behavior proved that he liked guys since he frequently drank with them at bars. (Pp. 20) This triggered Emily’s fears due to the fact that she had already bought matching toiletries and guys’s clothing only to learn that Homer was not marital relationship product. She then most likely felt that he would leave her which is why Emily killed him. Emily’s factor for eliminating Homer was merely because she hesitated of being left alone.

However the reasons for her fearing that were her father, the females, and Homer himself. If it were not for her dad’s protectiveness, Emily would probably have had other male influences and not felt alone as soon as he died. The women’s gossiping spread rumors that Homer Barron was a homosexual, hence leading Emily to believe that he would leave her. And lastly, Homer’s habits of drinking at bars with other males was inappropriate to the town which resulted in Emily’s humiliation and thinking that he was not marital relationship material.

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