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A Rose for Emily – Poem Interpretation Essay


The novel of William Faulkner ‘A Rose for Emily’ recounts a part of the past in the life of Miss Emily Grierson and the society in a town of Jefferson after the Civil War. We can see the intriguing story of a young woman when she is altering from great and pleasant young lady to a hermit-like person, a burden and annoyance for the people and authority of the town. She lived in a gorgeous however rundown home without any significant ‘problems’, like paying taxes for instance, which was settled (developed?) in 1894 with the Mayor, when she could not afford it.

When the modification in the workplace came the tax collectors started asking her to pay the debt to no get. There was a ‘silent war’ going on for several years in between Emily and the town individuals up until she totally pulled back to her house after the death of her daddy.

There is a short time of romance when Emily fulfilled a male and the fear of being abandoned made her crazy to a point where she tried to ‘keep’ him for herself ‘with the little aid’ of arsenic.

This was the last time he was seen alive. Individuals suspected something bad happened but with no evidence there was absolutely nothing they might do about it. Only after her death they went into among the spaces on the 2nd flooring and discovered what occurred 40 years earlier. Her fan was ‘asleep’ in a bed, still in nightclothes.

Beside him, on the pillow, Emily’s hair of hair. The author attempts to go deeper into dark, mental side of American Goth, going away from its standard concepts like haunted homes, castles, deaths, ailments (illness), madness, curse, and so on. The end of the book is shocking, giving a reader quite a criminal case sample, where the guilty got away with the criminal activity. The concern “Is it possible to commit a criminal activity with no repercussions?” remains in the air. According to the author obviously yes. In his times. It is skeptical that an occurrence like that could take place in present times, however we still have shocking stories in the news that occur every day and still can not think how human mind can lead a person to do heinous crimes.

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