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A Rose For Emily – QnA


A Rose For Emily– QnA

What is the setting for “A Rose for Emily”?
What is the name of Miss Emily’s manservant?
Why does the Board of Aldermen send out a delegation to Miss Emily’s house?
to gather her taxes
Whose portrait sits on an easel by Miss Emily’s fireplace?
her father’s
What “color” had Miss Emily’s house remained in the past?
Why doesn’t Judge Stevens want to challenge Miss Emily about “the odor”?
He does not want to accuse a girl of smelling bad.
What did Miss Emily inherit from her daddy?
your home
What were the minister and the medical professional attempting to convince Miss Emily of doing after her father’s death?
To persuade her to allow them to get rid of the body.
What do town members finally do about “the smell”?
Sprinkle lime around her yard.
What does the term “noblesse oblige” indicate?
Nobility is a responsibility.
What occasions trigger a few of the townspeople to say “Poor Emily”?
That she needed to stoop to dating a Yankee.
Why is Homer Barron in the area?
to pave walkways
What does Miss Emily buy from the druggist?
What does the druggist compose on the side of the bottle?
for rats
Why did the Baptist minister contact Miss Emily?
The women of the town made him since they felt it was a bad example for the young people.
What did Miss Emily buy from the town jeweler?
A male’s toilet set in silver.
What modification took place in Miss Emily’s relationship with the town for a period of numerous years when Miss Emily was in her forties?
She allowed individuals into her home and offered lessons in china painting.
Was the new generation of town leaders able to gather taxes from Miss Emily?
What occurs to the “Negro” servant after Miss Emily’s death?
He walked away and never ever returned.
What are some of the older men using at Miss Emily’s funeral?
Confederate uniforms
Which room do the townspeople open once Miss Emily is “decently in the ground …”?
The upstairs bedroom
What type of objects are found in the space once it is opened?
all these things
What is found on the pillow beside the skeleton?
a hair
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