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A Rose For Emily – Short Info


A Rose For Emily– Brief Information

The story is broken up into 5 areas. During the first 2 sections they explain how Emily is extremely wealthy and is recently handling the death of her father. After his death the city has issues trying to get her to pay taxes and they likewise have an issue with a strong odor coming from her home, however she would never ever let anybody inside of it. In the 3rd and fourth sections Emily meets a construction worker called Homer Barron and purchases arsenic which jeopardizes her track record. The town ends up being anxious she is delusional and ask her 2 cousins to visit her. After their departure Barron is seem entering into her home nevertheless he never returned outside. In the final area they describe how nobody entered into the house till her death at 74 and it was then they broke down a door to a room upstairs to discovered a suit and Barons decomposing body, as well as a long strand of Emily’s grey hair on the pillow next to him.
Main characters
Emily- a strange figure who alters from a dynamic and confident girl to a cloistered and secretive old woman. Ravaged and alone after her daddy’s death, she is a things of pity for the townspeople.
Homer Barron-He develops an interest in Emily and regardless of his qualities, the townspeople view him as a poor, if not outrageous, choice for a mate. He disappears in Emily’s home and breaks down in an attic bed room after she eliminates him.
Mr. Grierson– Emily’s father. Mr. Grierson is a managing, looming presence even in death, and the neighborhood plainly sees his lasting influence over Emily. He intentionally prevents Emily’s attempts to find a husband in order to keep her under his control
The story takes place in Jefferson, Mississippi.
Emily’s home, like Emily herself, is a monolith, the only staying emblem of a dying world of Southern aristocracy. It also represents alienation, mental disorder, and death. It is a shrine to the living past, and the sealed upstairs bed room is her macabre trophy room where she maintains the male she would not allow to leave her. The hair of hair is a tip of love lost and the typically perverse things people perform in their pursuit of joy. The hair of hair also exposes the inner life of a woman who, regardless of her eccentricities, was committed to living life on her own terms and not sending her habits, no matter how stunning, to the approval of others.
Design, tone, irony
Point of view
Emily attempts to put in power over death by denying the reality of death itself. Her unusual relationship to the dead bodies of the guys she has loved– her necrophilia– is revealed first when her father dies. Not able to admit that he has actually passed away, Emily clings to the controlling paternal figure whose rejection and control ended up being the only– yet extreme– type of love she understood. She quits his body only hesitantly. When Homer dies, Emily declines to acknowledge it as soon as again– although this time, she herself was responsible for producing the death. In eliminating Homer, she was able to keep him near her. Nevertheless, Homer’s lifelessness rendered him completely remote. Emily and Homer’s grotesque marriage exposes Emily’s disturbing effort to fuse life and death. However, death eventually triumphs.
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