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A Rose For Emily – Study Guide


A Rose For Emily– Research Study Guide

Who is the author?
William Faulkner
Who is the main character?
Emily Grierson
What’s incorrect with Emily Grierson?
She’s dead
Given that the story begins with the primary character dead, that indicates it can only choose one direction, which is?
What is that an example of?
Stream of awareness composing
Why did the men go to the funeral service?
She was sort of like a monument of the time; the men went to pay regard to one of the most essential people
Where in the South does the story occur?
Why did the females go to the funeral service?
To see the inside of her house
Why did they wanted to see the within the house?
No one had actually been inside your home for ten years; other than Emily and a servant
In 1894, who was the mayor of the town?
Colonel Sartoris
What did Colonel Sartoris choose to do?
He decides that Emily has no longer need to pay taxes
What problem is that going to trigger?
Since everybody else has to pay taxes; it’s unreasonable
What is the lie that he came up with?
Her papa lent cash to the town, and it was a lot, going to pay it back
Gradually overtime
What does that make you wonder?
Why is she getting unique treatment; A reason he did this (possibly her family made him a favor, relationship)
Where did he get that name?
He was a colonel in the civil war
What is the significance of the year 1894?
Emily no longer had to pay taxes
What thought struck the next generation of political leaders?
Emily needs to pay her taxes
They send Emily a letter, communicate with her, she’s not responsive. What do they choose to do?
A group of them go to your house
What is her position on paying taxes?
She doesn’t pay taxes in Jefferson
What is Jefferson?
She states if he does not believe her, talk to whom?
Colonel Sartoris
What is the issue about talking with colonel Sartoris?
He’s dead
For how long has he been dead?
Almost 10 years
What does that inform you about Emily Grierson?
She hasn’t left her home in ten years; she runs out touched
In the living room (parlor), there’s a painting of whom?
Emily’s Dad
Emily Grierson obviously has had at least 2 bad luck in her life. What are the two miseries she’s have in her life?
Father passed away
Boyfriend left her
How do you understand her daddies death troubled her?
She headed out occasionally
How do you understand her sweetheart leaving troubled her?
After her partner left her, she never ever headed out at all
What was the experience Emily?
Your home began to smell bad; it smelled so bad that several people went see Judge Stevens
What does he think?
Animal crawled into her home and died
What did one group of men did in the evening when they went to her home?
Sprinkled lime over the foundation of your house; likewise in the cellar
What lastly took place?
The smell went away
What was the image that the town had of the Grierson’s?
An image of an open door
What is in the open door?
A picture of an open door with Emily and her dad standing on the doorway
Where in the doorway is Emily?
If something is in the background, what does that inform you about them?
Less important
How is she dressed?
What does white suggest?
Pureness; Back then, it implied a woman who had not been with a guys yet
Who’s in the foreground?
Her daddy
What is he holding?
A horse whip
What does the horse whip recommend?
Who is he going to utilize the whip on?
Guys who have interest in his daughter
What was keeping her from getting wed?
Her dad
What conclusion do you draw from her daddy?
He is managing
The daddy passed away. When he died, what was her action to his death?
She rejected that he was dead
For for how long did she reject he was dead?
3 days
Where was the body?
Why would she remain in denial of the death of a male who was violent, controlling?
Since he was in control of every aspect of her life; If he’s dead, she’ll be genuinely alone in the world; Indication of victimization
What becomes part of the psychology of abuse?
The individual who is abuse frequently becomes depending on the abuser
Thirty years he controlled every element of her life
How do we know?
Occurring after her daddies death
What is the name of her partner?
Homer Barron
What is Homer’s occupation?
Supervisor of a construction team
What is the problem with Homer?
He’s from the north (Yankee)
Who did the father have issues with?
Loved ones in Alabama
What was the dispute about?
Woman Wyatts will
Eventually, what did she buy she from a pharmacy?
What sort of poison?
What did the law require?
Recognize what you intend on using it for
What was Emily’s response to this question from the pharmacist?
She looked at him
He bent the law a little bit and did what?
Composed for rats in the box
What does this associate with in the story?
The bad smell in her house
Why does this relationship have a huge opportunity of not working?
Homer Baron is homosexual
How did we know that?
He likes males and described himself as not the weding type, and drinking with more youthful guy
What did Emily purchase for Homer?
Each piece was engraved with his initials
The task was over, homer left, and the he didn’t come back after what?
3 days
When he returned, what was the last image that the town had of homer?
Going into the kitchen of Emily’s house
As years pass, what physical changes considered Emily?
Hair went grey
What shade of grey did her hair go?
After the departure of House Baron, what was the social activity Emily had?
She was doing Chinese painting lessons
What modification did Emily made to her home?
She closed down the upstairs, locked it up
What would you associate that with?
She’s aging can’t increase the stairs
In what way, does area 4 come cycle?
She’s dead
They buried her, and what do they decide to do? They feel like they need to?
To open a room upstairs
What room is it?
Master bedroom
What do they discover?
Dead body
What is the condition of the corpse?
What does that tell you about the body?
It’s been there for awhile
Who’s body is it?
Homer Baron
What is weird about the position, in which the body is lying?
A position of welcome, hugging
How did the body arrive?
She killed him; he entered into your home and never ever came out
She utilized the arsenic toxin
What else does it explain?
Odor; Judge was wrong it was the body of Homer decomposing
What else did they discover?
Indentation in the pillow as if somebody had actually been resting their head
They take a closer look, and they observe what?
Grey hair, iron
What conclusion do you draw?
She’s been sleeping next to the body for several years
Explains why the body remains in position of accept
Why did she kill him?
He was going to end the relationship
Why couldn’t she manage the rejection?
Homers death pertained to her daddy, the daddy managed her for thirty years. And she gets one man that reveals interest, and in turns out he’s gay
Who could Homer Baron be? (According to her)
Last chance
The choice to murder homer Baron pertained to the relationship of her daddy
What qualities of modernism is this?
Psychology; Subconscious mind
What school of psychology states the subconscious mind controls it?
where do we see stream of consciousness?
Absence of chronological order
Where do we see disillusionment in the story?
Father died, and the person she fell for was gay
Disillusioned with life
She never left your home
Where do we psychoanalysis in the story?
Eliminates Homer since of the problems buried in her subconscious mind
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