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Synopsis for A Rose for Emily


A Rose for Emily Summary 2

Simarpreet Chhabra Eng 125 A rose for Emily 1. Arranging the occasions in the sequence * Colonel Sartoris’s choice to remit Emily’s taxes. * Emily’s father’s death. * The advancement of smell around Emily’s house. * Homer’s arrival in the area. * Emily’s purchase of poison. * The arrival of Emily’s relatives. * The aldermen’s go to. * Homer’s disappearance. I believe Faulkner presents these events out of their actual sequential order so that he can provide the story in a much better method. To make the story easy and well arranged. The climax of the story started when Emily dies and they the town discovers what was behind the locked mysterious door. The town discovered the hommers body laid on the bed and Emily’s grey hair on the pillow next to it. The resolution phase begins when the Negro left the house after the death of his owner Emily. 3. “So when she overcame them, horse and foot”– she tells the Negro to show the authority door as they inform him to pay taxes. We know that Emily’s taxes were remitted but the authority needed proof. After a week or two the odor disappeared”– she kept the body of her dead dad in the house as she did not want to think that he was dead. The body began to smell and the neighbors complained about it. They made a decision to spray lime around Emily’s home that made the odor disappear. “And that was the last we saw of homer Barron”– homer left and no one knows what occurred to him. Emily again got depressed as homer is gone. “Therefore she passed away”– At the end Emily passed away due to moderate health problem since of her dirty home.

The Negro left and the town individuals and relatives attended the funeral. “The guy himself lay in the bed”– at the end we discovered that homer’s body was discovered in the room which was constantly locked. 4. I think Faulkner made a right choice; Faulkner deleted the scene so that we could make an open minded choice regarding what happened to servant. In the story we understand that the servant left without informing anyone. We can make whatever conclusion we want. For example we could say the servant eliminated Emily to put him out of her suffering.

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