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A Study Of The Technology Used In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury’s


Fahrenheit 451 Innovation Research Study

Fahrenheit 451 was written by Ray Bradbury in 1953. The book has to do with the prohibiting of books sometime in the future. In order for the Federal government to much better control society. In the 50’s, their technologies were restricted compared to the technologies that we have created today. Nevertheless, Bradbury had a substantial creativity. He produced technologies in Fahrenheit that we now utilize and he developed innovations that even we do not have today in 2014. Bradbury utilizes innovations similar to headphones and headsets; Skype; blood transfusions; fingerprint recognition; and even the Government’s innovation used to surveillance the Country’s use of innovation.

Throughout Fahrenheit 451, there is a strong sign of ear pieces utilized by various individuals. Mildred uses what is called Seashell Radio when she goes to sleep. It is referred to as an in-ear piece that plays electronic noises of waves so she can sleep easier. This reminded me of among those machines that plays noise to help someone go to sleep. Mildred had hers in the type of earbuds which they called seashell radio. A 2nd usage of an in-ear innovation used is what they called the Green Bullet. The Green Bullet allowed Montag and the old man to listen in and “analyze the firefighters’s world” (Bradbury 72). This spying tactic can be considered as inappropriate access. Incorrect gain access to is specified by Yang as “information about people [that is] easily available to individuals not properly authorized to view or deal with this information” (Holster, 2014). Due to Montag’s change of character, he is considered a person who is unauthorized to know about why the firefighters do the work they do. Mildred’s seashell radio is really similar to wireless headphones which we have today. Headphones were initially created in the early 1900’s and just was available in the over-the-ear style. Remember, the book was composed in 1953. In 2001, the in-ear earphones came in to play. By 2012, cordless earphones had actually been developed. Compared to the kinds of earphones they had in the early 1900’s, the headphones that have been established today are more advanced and come in several styles along with brands. When comparing Mildred’s earphones to the earphones of today, it appears the 2 devices are about the very same. Mildred’s, however, appear to be utilized just for a sleep help. Headphones today are utilized for sleep help as well as music, and even to talk on the phone. After looking deeper into the invention of in-ear devices and Bluetooth devices, it was discovered that they have actually created Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones are an in-ear gadget that links both earbuds to one another by a connecting piece of wire or plastic that sits on the ear and wraps around the back of the head. Montag’s Green Bullet is likewise comparable to Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless interaction gadget that was invented in 1994. The Bluetooth gadget has a part that is inserted in the ear. Montag and the old male use this Bluetooth device to spy on the firemen. Montag and the old man have actually started to question the motives of the firefighters and have actually excited interest about books and what they consist of. The start of the Arms Race caused excellent mistrust and stress and anxiety amongst Americans. According to Cullip, a professor at Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota, “the Soviet Union was able to test their own atomic device, which created mass suspicion in the United States”. This underlying worry inspired Bradbury to develop a gadget for Montag and the old guy to keep a close watch on the firemen. The firefighters, in this case, represent the Soviet Union and the worry they instilled among Americans. The firefighters instill a sense of worry amongst all book loving citizens of this town. They, for that reason, exhibit matrix of supremacy “indicating that the specific setup of race, class, and gender relations in society is such that together they establish an interlocking system of supremacy” (Holster, 2014).

A strategy of the Federal government to keep individuals far from books is the elaborate usage of television. In Montag and Mildred’s parlor, they have actually a television set with what Bradbury calls Spot-Wavex scrambler. Basically what the Spot-Wavex scrambler does is allow the commentator on the television to reply back to the person enjoying. This makes viewing television more personal and helps keep people thinking about the TELEVISION rather than enabling their minds to become curious about books. This technological device advised me of an application we have today called Skype. Skype is the brand name for a technological innovation that permits people to interact through a screen much like the Spot-Wavex scrambler. Although Skype is primarily used through a computer, there are tv that support Skype. Skype was created in 2003, 50 years after the book was composed. The concept of video chatting has noticeable enhancements compared to Bradbury’s preliminary development of them. In Bradbury’s version, he only enables a one on one contact through the screen. With companies like Skype, there is now a method to include numerous users to a call. Television was a fairly brand-new innovation introduced in the early 50’s and “in 1951, 1.5 million TV sets were offered in the United States, ten times what it remained in 1950” (Cullip). Bradbury was affected by all the excitement surrounding tv. This added to his innovation of a tv that talks back to the viewer.

Instead of having a lock and key for his front door, Montag has a glove in which he inserts his hand. The glove acknowledges his hand and opens the door for him. This is really comparable to a technology in numerous touch screen objects called finger print recognition. Finger print recognition permits somebody to press their finger or thumb against the screen and the machine will acknowledge the fingerprint. This technological advance can be found on iPhones and some computers and tablets. For numerous, finger print recognition is thought about the safest method of keeping a device locked and individual info personal. Finger print recognition was incorporated into gadgets around the 1960’s for FBI use. By the 1980’s, the FBI had actually begun to make enhancements on the fingerprint recognition innovation. Even today, there is no glove that connects to front doors in replace of a lock and secret. Bradbury’s innovation of a glove lock is viewed as a strong security strategy. This worry of uninsured security comes from the worry and panic the Soviet Union had developed back in the 1950’s.

When Mildred mistakenly, approximately she claims, overdoses on sleeping pills, Montag hurries her to the paramedics who utilize a device that removes all of her blood and replaces it with new blood. This device is rather similar to a blood transfusion or a stomach suction. Blood transfusions are specified as the transfer of blood from one individual to another in cases of excessive blood loss from surgery or serious injury whereas gastric suction is a process that clears the contents of the stomach and is created to eliminate the toxic substances from the stomach in the instance of a suicide attempt from overdosing on tablets such as Mildred had. Blood transfusion was invented in the 1760’s. However, there is currently no other way for physicians and paramedics to eliminate all of somebody’s blood and replace it with entirely new blood. Blood transfusions just include more blood to the body rather of eliminating it all and replacing it. Bradbury’s device concept is far better than a blood transfusion. Blood transfusions have risks. The blood given to a client could be rejected by the body. With Bradbury’s idea, the body is flushed of all blood and after that completely changed. This approach removes the risk of the blood being rejected. Nevertheless, in Bradbury’s Fahrenheit world, there is a strong sense of technological rationality. Technological rationality is specified as the idea that “all problems are viewed as manageable with technical solutions” (Holster, 2014). It appears that medically, environmentally, socially and politically, all issues within Fahrenheit 451 can be solved by technology.

The Hound is a large, robotic pet dog that the firefighters utilize to find concealed books in residents’ homes. Since today, the United States Government does not have a Hound. Nevertheless, the Government does have the technology to watch on society’s use of technology, specifically the internet. The web was not created till 1962. The Hound symbolizes the Federal government enjoying individuals through technology. In the book, the Hound is described as this cold, emotionless machine that is solely committed to looking for books for destruction. Bradbury forecasts the Government’s surveillance will have a negative impact on society. Bradbury’s opinion can be argued from both sides. The Government’s continuous monitoring of society’s usage of the internet can be viewed as an intrusion of personal privacy. Privacy is specified as a spatialized right to privacy or an information right to privacy (Holster, 2014). Bradbury feared the Government’s continuous watch might ultimately result in society being totally dependent and brainwashed by the Federal government. However, the Government’s surveillance of the web can be viewed as a security preventative measure, especially in today’s world. With the recent attacks that have actually happened on our country from opposing countries overseas, the Government has excellent reason and good intent when it concerns supervising all technology used by daily people. The innovation used by the Government today is much better than how Bradbury explained Government control in his book. Government technologies in Fahrenheit were utilized for the destruction of understanding in order to acquire control of the Nation. Today, the Government’s consistent monitoring on the country is to guarantee the safety of the Country’s inhabitants. There is a technological gadgets called Surveillance-oriented security innovations which are specified as “innovations meant to enhance the security of residents through some inherent surveillance ability either operated by or available to the state” (Holster, 2014). According to Mitchener, “they help with the monitoring, screening, or threat assessment of individuals, groups, or scenarios, and are based on live-events, past events or the processing of information”. In the 1940’s, America participated in The second world war. War causes worry among all involved directly or indirectly. Bradbury’s idea of Government security signifies the Government’s worry and stress and anxiety surrounding the war that had taken place a couple of years earlier.

Bradbury’s creative innovations in the book Fahrenheit 451 represent innovations we have today that were developed after the time the book was written. Bradbury believed up productions that only a sci-fi author could imagine. To the readers residing in present day, these innovations he developed are easy, everyday technologies we use in daily life. It makes one think, if Bradbury could somehow forecast the idea of Bluetooth in the early 50’s, what developments could be predicted in 2014 and revealed in the future?

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