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A Worn Path VS A Rose For Emily Essay


In the pages of the short stories, A Used Path and A Rose For Emily we are able to see a comparable side and connection between the two. As we look at the theme, tone, and morals we are able to better grasp the conflict in these two stories, while discovering whether the two lead characters, Miss Emily and Phoenix Jackson are mentally crazy.

The main moral in A Worn Course is the love, and life of Phoenix Jackson. The path she travels across interrupts her life.

Her love is the love and love she has for her grand son. If we checked out the story better then it may lead us to the conclusion that Phoenix truly does not have a Grand son. Phoenix complains to the physician that her Grandson has had an aching throat for a very long period of time. This might cause the reader to think that she utilized to have a Grandson however he became so sick he passed away. Yet, at the exact same time Phoenix likewise shows her intelligence by seeing the money fall out of the hunter’s jacket from a far off range.

In A Rose For Emily the primary moral is that some individuals will do anything not to be alone when they feel afraid, and afraid of being left again. Miss Emily’s daddy used to chase away all of her partners or men she had sensations for. She ended up being adjusted to this life of just having her dad and when he dies then she feels alone and does not wish to ever be alone again and she has not the understanding to keep her own partner or other half. So she decides to kill her existing crush and she keeps him in a locked room till the day she dies.

When you compare the 2 books they have an extremely comparable tone. Though the places different they still link through the very same tone. Phoenix Jackson is on a trail strolling to town to buy some medication for her Grandson, while Miss Emily is locked up in her home with a dead male. If you were to not focus as much on the place and put your attention to their state of mind then you can see that they remain in the very same environment. The tone in A Used Course is for Phoenix to achieve the job of getting medicine for her grandchild, while the reader can take a look at the path as the obstacles of her life. Miss Emily on the other hand is simply looking to not be so alone.

They both know that if they set their mind to their goal then they can accomplish anything they want to. The style is a little different nevertheless. Miss Emily and Phoenix both have objectives, however in A Used Path Phoenix’s life is represented so much by the path itself. The path in the story tells the life of Phoenix. While Miss Emily is just a woman who sits in your home and does not head out in public frequently, she simply wants to have company. Phoenix on the other hand had her frame of mind to go to town and mingle while acquiring the medication.

The conflict in A Rose For Emily is the dispute of human vs. human. However the story is told in a 3rd person perspective, which does not offers us any insight to exactly what Emily, was believing. The exact same goes for Phoenix, perhaps if the story was told in a very first person viewpoint we would understand if they are insane or sane, due to the fact that we might enter their mind and tell what it is they were believing. For example, we do not know what Phoenix was thinking as she strolled down the course, fell in the hole, and reached town.

For Emily we might inform plainly if she was crazy when she killed the guy in her home by her ideas and feelings. The dispute in A Worn Course is the fight between not only human vs. human however likewise human vs. nature. The battle of human vs. human lives in the mind of Phoenix but we have little insight of that because how the story is told in a third individual not her mind. The next is human vs. nature since of the trials Phoenix has on the trail with the bumps, rocks, ditches, hunters, pets, and etcetera.

Therefore in the stories of A Worn Path and A Rose For Emily we see the resemblances that stick around in the mind of humans and they way they act to the observing eye. There are a number of things that are the very same such as the tone, dispute, and they have relative morals. Yet they have a different theme to make the reader compare and contrast these 2 books and their differences.

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