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Category: Animal Farm

Authority and Rebellion in “Animal Farm” All throughout the world, all throughout history, there has been authority, and there has actually been disobedience. It is a consistent cycle of debate that has, and will continue to, have an impact on the mankind. The speech provided by Samuel L. Jackson and the novel “Animal Farm” by […]
“Animal Farm”, by George Orwell “Animal Farm”, by George Orwell, is an allegorical novella based upon the Russian Revolution. It is a story where animals on the farm start a transformation in order to be treated similarly. They exile the farmer to be free of his control so that the working class animals might take […]
The Communist Manifesto and Animal Farm The Communist Manifesto and Animal Farm are both historical documents which vividly reflected the most important socio-economic contradictions and political motions that occurred in the last 2 centuries. Both works can be stated to be part of a continuum of the struggle between ideologies and socio-economic system– of perpetuating […]
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