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Animal Farm Anticipation Guide Responses


Animal Farm Anticipation Guide Reactions

Animal Farm Anticipation Guide Actions 1. All individuals are developed equal. I disagree, since I do not think that everybody is created equal. Some individuals are born with downsides in the social field, while others are blessed with nearly every quality that our contemporary society considers “perfect”. The socially disadvantaged people have to go through their entire lives dealing with judgement from everybody, and it is not their fault. I do believe that at birth, everybody is completely equal, but it is as they are growing up the social inequalities can be found in.

Society judges them for being who they are, and creates those inequalities. 2. Society would be enhanced if everybody earned equally, and wealth was dispersed similarly. I concur that society would be enhanced if everybody made similarly, since then there would be no more individuals struggling with hardship, and our economy would skyrocket. No one would be better than anybody else (in the regards to salary) and everyone would enjoy. People might spend less time attempting to make money, and spend more time with their friends and family.

Our society would be a lot more prosperous, and everyone would more than happy. There might perhaps even be less wars due to the fact that people are too hectic enjoying themselves. 3. We must tax those who make more according to their ability, and distribute wealth uniformly to others according to their need. I disagree, since I do not think that it is fair to require individuals to pay higher taxes even if they are rich. I also do not concur with the concept of evenly dispersing wealth to people just because they need it.

Cash is a high-end that should be made through effort, not circulation. If the cash is going to be dispensed freely, everyone should get the exact same amount, no matter what their requirement is. This will make society more fair and everyone will be equal. 4. Talented, intelligent, and enthusiastic people are the most competent leaders since they understand finest what people need. I concur with this statement, since being a leader includes a lot of hard work and duty.

A leader requires special qualities to be effective, such as skill, intelligence, and ambition. A typical individual who is untalented, unintelligent, and without any aspiration would most likely not make the very best leader. It is possible that they could still be a fantastic leader, but the chances are against it. And it is likewise possible that an entirely qualified individual might still be a dreadful leader, however I believe that a terrific leader requires fantastic abilities. 5. Those who are less smart or average ought to yield to the authority of competent leaders.

I disagree with this statement because I believe that people should can do whatever they want, as long as it is gentle and affordable. I do not think that anyone ought to have total authority over any other individual. People must still be able to be free and independent. Likewise, there is no other way to ensure how certified the leaders really are, or that they will not develop into cruel dictators. Everybody must be able to have the high-end of freedom, no matter how average they are. 6.

Average people do not constantly understand what is in their own best interest. I disagree, since I believe that everyone does in fact know what remains in their own best interest, no matter how average they are or what kind of individual they are. Even if they do not know what remains in their own best interest, they ought to still have flexibility of option. Smart people do not always necessarily understand what is best for them either. Everyone is generally equal, even if society does not believe so. Know what is best for one’s self has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence. 7.

I can trust those in positions of authority (such as parents, teachers, principals, and political leaders) to make decisions in my benefit. I disagree, since those in positions of authority do not always necessarily understand what is finest for others. It is not guaranteed that those in positions of authority even wish for others’ best interest. It is likewise not ensured that they are even certified to be in positions of authority. Typically, people in positions of authority will try to make choices in others’ benefit, but not always. It depends on the person, and how proficient they are.

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