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Animal Farm by George Orwell: a Story Showing That Absolute Power Corrupts a Society


Animal Farm by George Orwell: a Story Revealing That Absolute Power Damages a Society

Animal Farm The Russian Revolution is an example that absolute power often corrupts society. In the unique Animal Farm, author George Orwell shows through Boxer’s faithfulness to Napoleon that absolute power can control one’s mind. Boxer adopted two expressions that revealed his commitment and faithfulness to Napoleon. Fighter’s dedication started when Napoleon became leader. Instantly after, Napoleon ended the Sunday debates and decided to begin the construction of the windmill. Various animals disagreed with this concept and the argument could not be dealt with.

Boxer voiced his viewpoint by specifying that “If Pal Napoleon states it, it needs to be right.” This moment is when he embraced his slogan that “Napoleon is constantly right,” and also stated his more recent slogan “I will work harder.” Fighter’s dedication to Napoleon was completely revealed at this point. Later on, the debate about whether Snowball was Mr. Jones’ ally likewise strengthened Boxer’s commitment to Napoleon. Squealer described the entire theory on Snowball’s dishonesty “however Boxer was still a little anxious,” with the description. He had his doubts regarding whether it was possible for Snowball to have been a traitor the entire time.

Then, Squealer exclaimed that this discovery came straight from Napoleon himself. As an outcome, Fighter stated that it was now a different story and announced that whatever Napoleon said was always precise. Boxer’s suspicion was overlooked summarily since of his frustrating devotion to Comrade Napoleon. Clover cautioned Fighter not to overwork himself because of his overwhelming allegiance to Napoleon. Numerous thought that “Absolutely nothing could have been accomplished without Boxer, whose strengths appeared equivalent to all of the rest of the animals put together. The animals, especially Clover, were worried that these laborious jobs weren’t good for him. Fighter certainly would not listen to Clover due to the fact that he constantly remained true to his two slogans. Fighter understood that these maxims assisted solve his conflicts. Boxer even declined his friend Clover’s advice so he could stay a contributing comrade of Napoleon. This showed that absolute power can eventually modify one’s own viewpoint, which can have disasterous effects. Boxer’s blind dedication often controlled his mind and directed his actions in important circumstances.

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