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Animal Farm by George Orwell is a satirical story about the ineffectiveness of communist ideals.


Animal Farm by George Orwell is a satirical story about the ineffectiveness of communist ideals.Animal Farm by George Orwell is a satirical story about the ineffectiveness of communist ideals. Among the significant styles of this story is control and control. The pigs on the farm were able to encourage the other stock the life under the guideline of Farmer Jones was overbearing and they needed to revolt. After the revolt the pigs, Snowball and Napoleon presume command because they can check out and write. “The pigs revealed that throughout the previous 3 months they had taught themselves to read and compose from an old spelling book” (Orwell 32) This is the start of the power grab of the pigs.

The first thing the pigs do is change the name of the farm from “Manor Farm” to “Animal Farm”. The front gate with its new name ends up being a sign of pride for all the animals. The animals parade around the farm announcing their new found flexibility and uniformity. The pigs arrange the farm so that it is run efficiently and every one can share in the success of the farm. Each animal is given a responsibility and are taught to check out, however most of the animals do not have the capability to find out so they count on the pigs and others to tell them what to do.

The style of adjustment and control is highlighted by the pigs institute of guidelines that are composed on the side of the barn referred to as the 7 rules. The seven rules represent the rules of animalism and the barn is a place where the pigs exert power and intelligence. The barn also “represents the cumulative knowledge of a modern-day country” (SparkNotes Editors) The pigs begin to manipulate the guidelines to fit their requirements and a few of the animals remember the initial guidelines however they do not question the changes.

They are advised “Do you understand what would happen if the pigs stop working in our duty? Jones would return!” (Orwell 42) In an attempt to take over all power Napoleon starts to blame Snowball for whatever that is failing on the farm. As soon as Snowball is run off and all power remains in the hand of Napoleon and he becomes a lot more corrupt. Absolute power ruins absolutely. Napoleon changes all the guidelines and makes his headquarters in the one location where animals were originally forbidden to go, the home of farmer Jones.

The home was a pointer to the other animals as to why the revolted against human guideline. It was against the guidelines to sleep in a bed or drink. The sheep were taught that “four legs great, two legs bad.” (Orwell 41). Napoleon ended up being so corrupt that he and the other pigs started to stroll on two legs. Walking on two legs set them apart from the other animals and cemented their function as the gentility among the animals.

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