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Animal Farm – Chapter 6


Animal Farm– Chapter 6

What did Napoleon announce? What was the charge for not volunteering?
That there would be voluntary work on Sunday afternoons. The penalty was that if an animal should choose not to show up he/she would have it’s rations lowered by half.
How did the animals handle the big stones?
The animals lashed ropes around the boulder, and after that all the animals that could grab hold of the rope, even the pigs sometimes, pulled the boulder up the slope and to the top of the quarry, and toppled it over the edge to shatter to pieces below.
What were Boxer’s 2 slogans?
His slogan’s were “I will work harder” and “Napoleon is constantly right”.
What new policy did Napoleon decide upon?
The brand-new policy was that from now onwards Animal Farm would engage in trade with the neighboring farms: not, of course, for any commercial function, but merely in order to acquire particular products which were urgently needed. The needs of the Windmill should bypass whatever else.
Who was hired to manage the affairs of Animal Farm?
Mr. Whymper
What sight brought a specific pride to the Animals?
They were proud to see Napoleon on all fours giving orders to Mr. Whymper who strolled on 2 legs.
What rule did the pigs break? How did they cover it up?
The pigs broke the fourth commandment that said, “No animal shall sleep in a bed”. They covered it up by adding the words “with sheets”. So the commandment became, “No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets”.
Which animal refused to grow passionate about the windmill?
Benjamin, the donkey
What occurred to the windmill?
A serious storm blew down the windmill
What did Napoleon offer for the capture of Snowball?
A complete bushel of apples.
Explain the life of the animals at this moment in the book.
They were exhausted but happy, difficult working and free.
Why did Napoleon choose to take part in trade? What will he trade?
To get certain products which were urgently necessary. The needs of the windmill must override whatever else. He will trade stacks of hay and part of the existing year’s wheat crop and later if more money were needed it would need to be made up by the sale of eggs.
Who is Mr. Whymper and what is his job?
He is a sly-looking little guy with side whiskers, a lawyer in an extremely little way of organisation. His job was function as an intermediary between Animal farm and the outdoors world.
How have Squealer and the others defended trading with human beings and permitting pigs to sleep in beds?
They state that the pigs who are the brains of the farm should have the ability to have a peaceful place to work in.
Who does Napoleon blame for the damage of the windmill?
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