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Animal Farm Info./Explan. Essay Abuse of Language Theme


Animal Farm Information./ Explan. Essay Abuse of Language Theme

!.?.!? Chelsea Valdez Mrs. Schenck English 10A 22 September 2013 Animal Farm Information./ Explan. Essay Have you ever believed that if all the students at your school collaborated to topple the entire staff, all would be equivalent? What if all the students with a 4. 0 GPA took the lead? In the unique, Animal Farm by George Orwell, an apparently regular farm in England lives in a group of animals preparing to rebel versus the human race. With the hopes of getting a world of flexibility and equality, the animals include the cleverest animals, the pigs, to lead them in the best direction.

However, not whatever is going as planned when what seemed to be the reality ended up being lies. Due to the fact that of the big brain capability the pigs possess, a repeating theme of abuse of language was shown throughout the book. Squealer, one of the pigs, is the main propagandist in the story. He appears often to give the other animals the proper details, or lies, referring to their brand-new federal government in the pigs’ favor. “You do not envision, I hope, that we pigs are doing this in a spirit of selfishness and benefit? (52 ). This is the beginning of Squealer’s long streak of propaganda, where his goal is to encourage the less smart animals that the pigs are not keeping the windfall apples to themselves even if they want them. Although he knows that is the sole factor they are keeping them, he and the pigs’ greater opportunities depend on the animals’ little brain capacity. With that frame of mind, they continued to deceive the animals to make themselves out to be great leaders.

When Napoleon drove away Snowball, another potential leader, from the farm, he took credit for his idea of building a windmill to reduce the animals’ labor and “seemed to oppose the windmill, just as a manoeuvre to eliminate Snowball”, making him out to be a bad influence with the aid of Squealer who merely explains Napoleon’s action a “technique.” With this in mind, Squealer is an important figure in the story’s abuse of language. As the story goes on, the animals ended up dumber as long as the variety of lies increased. “Do you understand what would occur if we pigs failed in our responsibility?

Jones would come back! Yes, Jones would come back! Certainly, associates, undoubtedly there is nobody among you who wishes to see Jones return?” (52 ). Squealer knows that using the hazard that their human master, Jones, would return if the pigs didn’t get what they desire would scare the animals of going back to how they utilized to live. At this point, Squealer starts a streak of belittling the less clever animals with using a simple word: certainly. When among the 7 rules developed in the beginning looks modified to the others, Squealer comes in to fix them.

In fact, Squealer duplicates the strategy, “You did not expect, definitely, that there was ever a judgment against beds? A bed merely indicates a location to oversleep … The rule was against sheets, which are a human innovation” (80 ). Seemingly, this wise technique causes the animals to assure him that they did not question the pigs, who they know are far wiser than them, and do not want to be mocked or discredited. They do not wish to seem like they want to rebel against their “generous” leaders and are quickly blinded, much to the pigs’ liking.

Therefore, the animals tend to think every little lie they hear, causing them to appear to decrease in brain capability. Although Moses, a raven, kept the animals’ spirits high, he too ended up being important in the pigs’ consistent deceit. “Sugarcandy Mountain, that happy nation where we poor animals shall rest for ever from our labours!” (118 ). Moses was implied to be a symbol of the Russian Orthodox Church, meaning he was the animals’ version of religious beliefs. He gave them a kind of want to keep their spirits high throughout their hard work: Sugarcandy Mountain.

They then believed that when they passed away, they would be lifted to the skies where it was an absolute paradise loaded with sugar. However, the favorable ideas although declared lies by the pigs, were changed around to their advantage. The pigs ultimately “permitted him (Moses) to stay on the farm, not working, with an allowance of a gill of beer a day” (120 ). This let Moses continue to preach his teachings so that the animals had motivation for working under the pigs. By rewarding him, the pigs pretended to befriend both Moses and his exaggerations. Because Moses gladly took the allowance, the pigs were able to add on to their continuous list of lies.

Therefore, the book was developed around a theme of lies and deceit. Squealer, being the main propagandist of the story, he had the ability to convince the others that the pigs were undoubtedly on their side and didn’t want higher opportunities out of selfishness. The pigs then belittled the animals much more despite how less remarkable they already were in wit. They were even able to require the animals to believe in an innocent and pure belief of Sugarcandy Mountain only to continue working under the pigs’ terms. Due to the fact that of the pigs’ increasing cleverness, their abuse of language could barely be seen by the blinded, innocent animals.

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