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Animal Farm Research Paper 1


Animal Farm Term Paper 1

The following research study will analyze the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. We will see what Animal Farm is truly about and why it was prohibited in some countries. The Referrals And Implications To Communism Are What Resulted In The Prohibiting Of Animal Farm. Many people feel that Animal Farm is one of Orwell’s most noted books, however to individuals like Joseph Stalin, it posed a threat. The implications to communism were too strong, and the characters too closely resembled real communists. Animal Farm threatened to expose the injustices taking place within the system of communism, so The Soviet Union banned the book.

My research study first brought me to “Animal Farm, George Orwell– Intro,” which I discovered on enotes. com. It is an analysis of the book Animal Farm; it exposes how the book suggests Stalin and The Soviet Union, and reveals us why the book is so controversial. While on the subject of significant themes, the author says that Animal Farm is seen as a “cautionary tale,” and is suggested to alert readers of the “pitfalls of transformation.” Those ideas are clearly ones that a totalitarian would wish to snuff out, and Stalin absolutely did.

The writer states that: … commentators extensively see Animal Farm as an allegory for the rise and decrease of socialism in the Soviet Union and the emergence of the totalitarian regime of Joseph Stalin … After its translation into Russian, it was prohibited by Stalin’s government in all Soviet-ruled areas. Stalin was afraid that after reading Animal Farm, individuals would no longer be ignorant to what was going on, and that they would renounce his rule over them. He expected the book educating individuals; they would cease to be his unaware puppets, so in order to prevent this from taking place, he banned the book entirely.

During my research study I also found a very enlightening online chart, written by George J. Lamont. The graph compares characters in the book Animal Farm to the Russian Transformation. From checking out the graph I can see that Mr. Jones represents Czar Nicholas; they are both leaders who were overthrown, and they were both cruel to those under their control. I also see the resemblances between animalism and communism, such as all people/animals being equivalent, everyone owning everything together, and having no owners, no rich, and no bad. These connections were really frustrating to leaders of ommunist countries, such as Stalin, but what upset him the most were the resemblances in between him and Napoleon, the main villain of the book. Neither Napoleon nor Stalin was a great speaker, they were both continuously in competition with some one who was on their side (Snowball for Napoleon, and Leon Trotsky for Stalin), both Napoleon and Stalin yearned for power, and both wanted to kill any who opposed them. When Stalin saw that the character meant to resemble him was the character that people were quick to hate, he understood that he could not enable the people of Russia to check out Orwell’s book.

If the book were allowed in Russia, it would just be a matter of time till the recently formed concepts of flexibility and fairness would manifest themselves in the kind of transformation. (qtd. in Animal Farm– Comparison of Characters to the Russian Revolution) Animal Farm might have had characters that looked like Russian communists, but it was not just tailored towards Russia. It was likewise not just banned by Russia. Animal Farm was directed towards communism, and in his essay: Why I Compose; George Orwell explains his reasons and ideas behind what he writes.

He states, “My starting point is constantly a sensation of partisanship, a sense of injustice … I write since there is some lie that I wish to expose, some truth to which I want to draw attention, and my preliminary issue is to get a hearing. “(qtd. In Why I Write) Let me restate, this book is not about Russia; it is about communism. Subsequently, lots of nations with a communist federal government or a government carefully looking like communism prohibited Animal Farm. Yugoslavia is one of those nations. In an article I discovered online about Animal Farm’s history with the USSR, I found that Yugoslavia became Socialist in 1945.

They banned Animal Farm once it came out since the leader felt that it signified Yugoslavia’s Communist Transformation. In the book, the animals attempt to convince other animals on English farms to revolt against their humans as well. The USSR, unlike the animals on the farm, was able to get other countries to revolt (qtd. in Yugoslavia becomes socialist). Also, according to a Wikipedia short article worrying banned books, Animal Farm was prohibited by The United Arab Emirates and a play variation was prohibited in Kenya.

It was banned in The UAE for containing text or images that went against Arab values, and in Kenya it was banned for slamming corrupt leaders. While looking into, I took place to come throughout a letter written by George Orwell to his publisher regarding Animal Farm. Orwell composes: Dear Mr Gollancz, I have actually just ended up a book [Animal Farm] and the typing will be completed in a few days … However I need to inform you that it is– I believe– completely unacceptable politically from your viewpoint (it is anti-Stalin).

I do not know whether because case you will wish to see it … If you think that you would like to have a look at it, in spite of its not being politically O. K., could you let either me or my representative, (Christy & & Moore) understand? … Otherwise, could you let me know that you do not wish to see it, so that I can take it somewhere else without wasting time? Yours truly Eric Blair (George Orwell) This letter reveals that even before anything occurred, even prior to the prohibiting, before anybody had even read his unique, Orwell knew it was going to be a considerably spoken about book.

He understood due to the fact that he intentionally put in allusions to communism, expecting debate. In cessation, I feel it is quite evident that Animal Farm’s prohibiting was a result of its implications and referrals to the communist party. Orwell fully planned to allegory to The Soviet Union and all of the concerns that have accompanied it. He opens the story with all of the animals collaborating for a typical goal and wanting to be equivalent, however eventually Napoleon rises above the others and starts to become a dictator. This story exemplifies what went on in Russia to lead to the tyranny of Stalin.

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