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Animal Farm, written by George Orwell in 1945


Animal Farm, composed by George Orwell in 1945

Animal Farm, composed by George Orwell in 1945, is an allegorical novel which is also a reflection of Joseph Stalin’s guideline throughout the Russian Transformation. Secret characters and events in the unique symbolise major individuals and events around the Revolution and in specific, the character of Squealer who plays the role of a propagandist. Through checking out the speeches made by Squealer, the power of propaganda is revealed as he manipulates the ideas of the animals to the advantage of the pigs. Firstly, Napoleon’s leadership is secured through Squealer’s speeches.

Squealer encourages the animals that Napoleon makes maximum decisions for the animals. As Squealer describes the brand-new plan after Snowball’s expulsion, he reinforces Napoleon’s significance as a leader through spreading out ‘the maxim [of] “Napoleon is constantly right”‘(p. 41) and continually threatens them as he stresses his ‘one false action, and our enemies would be upon us, undoubtedly, comrades, you do not want Jones back? (p. 41).’ Squealer’s propaganda has planted the seeds of Napoleon’s superiority in the minds of animals.

In addition, Squealer deflects blame onto Snowball to increase the authority of Napoleon. After the damage of the windmill, Squealer scapegoats Snowball as he explains how’ [Snowball has actually been] Jones’ secret agent all the time’ (p. 58-59) to make the animals continue thinking, ‘If Associate Napoleon says it, it should be right (p. 60).’ Napoleon’s leadership is strengthened through decreasing Snowball. Napoleon’s power is supported through constant repetition of Napoleon’s supremacy and prompting worry in the animals.

Besides securing Napoleon’s dictatorship, Squealer’s words likewise allow the pigs to have a much better quality life than the other animals on the farm. With Squealer’s manipulative explanations, the pigs gain themselves more resources and food. Squealer incorrectly mentions that’ [pigs] dislike milk and apples’, however it is the ‘sole things … to preserve [their] health’ given that ‘the whole management and company of [the] farm depends on [them] (p. 25).’ Squealer’s disinformation permits the pigs to get the advantage of having milk and apples.

Furthermore, Squealer convinces other animals that it is essential for the pigs to gain a much better living location. Squealer encourages the animals that the pigs are brainworkers and that they require to move into Jones’s House for a quieter space. He repeatedly emphasises that if they are ‘too tired to perform [their] tasks’ (p. 50), Jones will come back. Through Squealer’s misleading speech, the pigs are able to have a more comfy location to work and rest and byreinforcing the pigs’ status, the pigs have actually successfully benefited.

The truth of the pigs’ corrupt dictatorship is concealed from the animals under Squealer’s propaganda. The pigs deliberately conceal their failure at the Fight of the Windmill, and so can conceal their weak management. Squealer reveals the animals’ victorious win and also ‘thank [s] the management of Comrade Napoleon’ (p. 77), however does not mention their loss of the battle. Squealer has strongly tricked the animals by intentionally stressing their victory which was really a Pyrrhic triumph due to their fantastic loss. Also, the animals are beguiled from the truth of the pigs’ actions.

Squealer notifies the animals by saying’ [he] was at [Boxer’s] bedside at the extremely eleventh hour’ (p. 89) whereas Boxwer was really sent to the knacker’s and his body was traded for whiskey. Although some animals see the word ‘Horse Massacre’ on the truck, they are easily encouraged by Squealer’s explanation about the misconception. Squealer’s propaganda is able to blind the animals from the reality and also stops the animals from doubting the leadership of the pigs. In quick, the animals are easily encouraged to think Squealer’s lie.

The character of Squealer has clearly demonstrated the power of propaganda. He advances the status of the pigs through manipulating the thoughts of all the animals on the farm. He is likewise able to protect their leadership, acquire a much better life and blind the other animals from their corrupt dictatorship. The constant repeating about the pigs’ supremacy and the reinforcement of worry through the constant reminder of their enemy has actually made it possible for Squealer to really convince these absurd animals to believe in his propaganda. Animal Farm has had the ability to show the reader how gullible we can all be to propaganda.

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