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Category: As I Lay Dying

Addie Bundren– Addie is the wife of Anse and the mother of Money, Darl, Gem, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman. Anse Bundren– Anse is Addie’s widower, the daddy of all the kids but Jewel. Money Bundren– Money is an experienced and valuable carpenter and the oldest kid of the household. In his late twenties, he constructs […]
The book is narrated by 15 various characters over 59 chapters. It is the story of the death of Addie Bundren and her poor, rural family’s mission and inspirations– honorable or selfish– to honor her dream to be buried in her hometown of Jefferson, Mississippi. As the book opens, Addie lives, though in ill health. […]
4th Area (Darl, Anse, Samson, Dewey Dell, Tull, Darl, Tull, Darl, Vardaman; pages 96-139): Darl tells. Jewel approaches in the range. The Bundrens pass Tull’s location slowly, waving. Cash observes that the body will stink soon, and that the coffin isn’t stabilized for a long flight. A bit later, Gem passes them rapidly, offering no […]
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