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Category: As I Lay Dying

Addie Bundren– Addie is the wife of Anse and the mother of Money, Darl, Gem, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman. Anse Bundren– Anse is Addie’s widower, the daddy of all the kids but Jewel. Money Bundren– Money is an experienced and valuable carpenter and the oldest kid of the household. In his late twenties, he constructs […]
Seventh Area (Money, Peabody, MacGowan, Vardaman, Darl, Dewey Dell, Cash; Pages 219-48): Money validates the household’s decision to send out Darl to the asylum. Gillespie was threatening to sue them for the damage of the barn (he discovered, in some way, that Darl had actually set the fire); it was either face a claim or […]
Among the main thematic elements of As I Lay Dying is the distinction between reality and interpretation of truth. Clearly, any objective fact can result in a multitude of subjective interpretations since the characters all have private points of view. Their perspectives of any empirical fact relies on their bias and understandings; as an outcome, […]
Third Section (Vardamann, Tull, Darl, Money, Vardaman, Tull, Darl, Money, Darl, Vardaman, Darl, Anse; pp. 59-95): Vardaman narrates. He is interrupted by the concept of shutting Addie up in the coffin. He speaks confusedly about the marvels of town and the secrets of his mother’s death. He doesn’t comprehend why he’s a country young boy […]
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