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As I Lay Dying Analytical Essay


As I Lay Perishing Analytical Essay

In the novel, As I Lay Passing Away by William Faulkner, 2 characters, Darl and Jewel Bundren, each handle their mother’s death and deal with their seclusion from their household by expressing their feelings in deeply emotional behavior. Darl, the second eldest sibling out of five, questions his existence due to the fact that of his isolation and the lack of love he got from his mom maturing. Jewel, on the other hand, was his mother’s favorite of all five of her kids.

Gem was the bastard child of Addie Bundren and the minister she had an affair with, Whitfeld. Due to the violent situation by which he was developed, Jewel reveals all of his actions, consisting of love, through violence and hatred. Both Darl and Gem Bundren, communicate their seclusion through the way they were developed and raised by their mom, Addie. Darl was driven outrageous through his lack of a definite method of determining himself, due to the restricted amount of love he got from his mom.

For instance, Darl remembers seeing his mom weeping besides Gem’s bed, thinking “She cried hard, possibly due to the fact that she had to sob so quiet; maybe since she felt the exact same way about tears she did about deceit, disliking herself for doing it, disliking him since she had to (32 136).” He understood Jewel was his mom’s preferred. Darl might translucent Addie’s tears and recognized he was unloved by his mother. In addition, when Addie describes her pregnancy with Darl she exclaims, “Then I found that I had Darl. Initially I would not think it. Green 2 Then I thought that I would kill Anse.

It was though he had actually fooled me, concealed within a word like within a paper screen and struck me in the back through it (40 172).” Addie’s seclusion from Anse contributed to assist mold Darl into who he is. Darl feels loneliness and uncertainty, much like his mom Addie did. Darl’s absence of love and his confusion of why Addie favored Jewel, eventually caused his future outcome. Although Gem was preferred by his mother Addie, Jewel’s deep hatred for his step-father, Anse, and his violent character causes him to feel seclusion from his household.

For example, when Anse complains about needing to feed Gem’s horse, Gem madly, “took a look at pa, his eyes paler than ever. “He will not ever consume a mouthful of yours,” he stated. “Not a mouthful. I’ll have to eliminate him first. Don’t you never think it. Don’t you never ever (32 136).” Gem reveals no respect for Anse due to his hatred towards him. Gem dislikes Anse in spite of his isolation. In addition, Darl discusses how Addie was concerned about Gem stating, “Ma wished to get the doctor, but pa didn’t wish to invest the cash without it was needful (32 130).” This shows the difference in Gem’s relationships between his mom and Anse.

Jewel probably seems like Addie was the only credible person he loved. When Addie passed away, Jewel felt he lost the only individual he appreciated. At the end of the novel, Jewel’s isolation just continues to deepen, while Darl is driven to a crazy asylum. Both their temperament’s had a big outlook upon their results. Darl’s isolation caused his confusion and misdemeanor, which caused him to eventually go nuts. Jewel’s hatred towards Anse will only continue to thicken and trigger Green 3 his seclusion from his family to grow stronger. In the end, both Darl and Gem will never ever feel the flexibility of isolation due to their trainings.

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