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As I Lay Dying and The Odyssey: Books of Epic Quests with Incredible Odds


As I Lay Dying and The Odyssey: Books of Epic Quests with Unbelievable Odds

As I lay Dying Summary and the Odyssey Comparision

As I lay dying and the Odyssey can both be considered books of legendary quests with amazing odds. Faulkner takes the title of As I Lay Passing away from a line spoken in the Odyssey by the Greek warrior Agamemnon. Agamemnon tells Odysseus when he takes a trip to the Underworld, “As I lay passing away, that female with the canine’s eye would not close my eyes as I descended into Hades.” Both books release amazing characters, with what some may call extravagant habits, to potentially shake off the reader from what was anticipated in such a quest or journey.

These 2 books seem regarding start in the middle of all the disaster and circumstances, utilizing flashbacks and stories of the characters to relate back and give the reader insight of what is missing in order to fill in the empty ideas in their minds. Faulkner used the Odyssey’s principle to make his own with ‘As I Lay Passing away’. He took the Odyssey’s epic percentages and conquered a narrative where the journey is fatal for each and every single among the characters throughout the entire book. (Wadlington, Warwick. As I lay dying: stories out of stories. New York City: Twayne;, 1992. Print. An Odyssey is another word for a long journey or series of wonderings. Homer likewise begins “The Odyssey” in the middle of the story, which is particular of an epic too, as does Faulkner in “As I Lay Dying”. Another legendary quality that can be discovered in “The Odyssey,” is the largeness of the setting. “The Odyssey’s” setting periods out in country miles, and Odysseus travels to various put on his method back to Ithaca. In As I lay dying Addie is making the journey into the afterlife much like Agamemnon, Darl is travelling into madness, and the family is travelling from Yoknapatawpha to Jefferson.

They experienced several things and dropped in several put on this quest to bury their beloved Addie. Odysseus in the Odyssey is faced with many challenges, but constantly appears to come out of these skirmishes even more bigger than life than previously. When he is confronted with the Cyclops, Odysseus blinds him in his one eye with a lance, and then sneaks away with his males by riding underneath the Cyclops’ own rams. In another adventure, Odysseus lands on the island of the Greek goddess Circe who turns his males into pigs.

Odysseus as soon as again designs a method to cleverly beat her, conserve his guys, and return to the sea. After his encounter with Circe, Odysseus must journey into the underworld where he meets with his mom and some of his associates from the Trojan War. (Kleiner, David. The Odyssey. West Berlin, N. J.: Townsend Press, 2005. Print.) There are several signs that link both books together. For Faulkner in As I Lay Dying he uses the Love triangle as Homer carried out in the Odyssey. From Addie to Anse to Whitfield in As I lay Dying, to Agememnon, to Clytemnestra, to Odysseus in the Odyssey.

In addition to Elyptsu in the Odyssey falling off the roofing system and passing away, Cash falls off the Church roof and breaks his leg. Not just does Clytemnestra betray him to pass away at the hands of her fan, she refuses him the simple dignity of correct burial rites. Faulkner uses this exact same idea in As I Lay Perishing, where Addie is denied correct burial by her children and own husband. Together with the dangerous crossing of the proverbial river. Darl is viewed as a sort of Cassandra from the “Odyssey”, blessed with a second sight which most dismiss as merely “queer,” anticipating the catastrophe at the river yet not able to stop it or do anything about it. Faulkner, William. As I Lay Perishing. Ed. Noel Polk. New York: Vintage Books, 1990. Print.) Both books are seen as devastating journeys loaded with unforeseen surprises and challenges along the method. Both get to where they wanted but there are still difficulties that remain: For Ulysses, in the Odyssey, it is recovering his nation and eliminating all his other half’s suitors; when it comes to the Bundrens, in As I Lay Perishing, Dewey Dell still needs to deal with the issue of her pregnancy, Money is not better, Vardaman is distressed, and Darl is in a Mental organization.

To add to all of the dismay currently for the Bundrens, there is the reality now standing that the story starts all over once again with Anse getting remarried to the female who lent him the shovels to bury his own other half. These two stories share similarities of amazing chances on each of their legendary missions that take the reader through a try of ideas.

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