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As I Lay Dying Character List



Darl Bundren

One of the fifteen narrators. The 2nd earliest son of the Bundren household. Darl is the first and crucial narrator of the novel. He is delicate, intuitive, and smart, and his monologues are a few of the most eloquent; they are also a more elaborate representation of the process of idea. A few of the interior monologues are fairly uncomplicated, but Darl’s passages are stream-of-consciousness story. For much of the novel, he functions as a kind of narrative anchor. Among the difficulties of the book is the complete absence of an objective third-person storyteller. Whatever we understand about these characters is told to us through the lens of a subjective speaker; due to the fact that of Darl’s level of sensitivity and seclusion from the other characters, most readers come to rely greatly on his version of events. He is eloquent, intelligent, and separated. He ends up being put in an asylum.

Vardaman Bundren

Among the fifteen narrators. The youngest boy of the household, and the second most regularly utilized storyteller of the book. Vardaman appears to teeter on the brink of mental collapse early on. His mom’s death is extremely traumatizing, and his delicate and imaginative nature is thrown away of balance by the event. He is at an age where he is ending up being conscious of his status as a nation boy (rather than a town kid), and he questions why it should be so. He has an unique bond with Darl.

Addie Bundren

One of the fifteen narrators. Mom of the family. Gravely ill at the start of the unique, she passes away early on. She has constantly wanted to be buried among her birth family in Jefferson. Once a schoolteacher, she wed Anse and brought to life 4 kids by him: Money, Darl, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman. She also had a secret affair with Whitfield, resulting in the birth of Jewel. The transport of her body is the centerpiece of the novel.

Anse Bundren

One of the fifteen storytellers. Patriarch. Anse is maddeningly foolish and lazy. He unimaginatively uses himself to his partner’s dream, however the physical and mental expense to his household is significant. He is a resenting daddy, without real love or issue for his kids. There is nothing overtly hostile about him; mostly he comes off as a weak and irritating guy, however his choices cause genuine harm throughout the book.

Cash Bundren

One of the fifteen storytellers. Oldest child of the Bundren household. Money is a carpenter, and his identity is involved his work. Although his monologues are couple of in number and unrevealing for most of the unique, his voice comes to dominate the closing events. He lacks Darl’s sublime imagination and sensitivity, however he is however a fairly caring and reliable storyteller.


One of the fifteen narrators. Middle child of the Bundrens. Covertly, he is the illegitimate kid of the minister Whitfield. Jewel is an intense and physical being. He is hot-tempered and restless. He likes horses and is physically powerful.

Dewey Dell

Among the fifteen narrators. Only child of the Bundren household, and the 2nd youngest child. Dewey Dell’s monologues are identified by unarticulated dreams, effective but improperly misunderstood emotions, and fatigue. She is pregnant and is covertly seeking an abortion.

Vernon Tull

One of the fifteen narrators. A surrounding, wealthier farmer. Tull is typically annoyed by Anse’s laziness. He has actually helped Anse a great deal throughout the years, and his family helps the Bundrens during and after Addie’s death.

Cora Tull

Among the fifteen storytellers. Vernon’s very religious other half. Cora has an unique love for Darl, whom she recognizes as unique. Typically, her religious beliefs make her an exceptionally judgmental individual.

Eula Tull

Daughter of Vernon and Cora.

Kate Tull

Daughter of Vernon and Cora. She anticipates that Anse will have a new partner quickly if Addie dies.


Among the fifteen narrators. The doctor of the county. He is elderly and obese, however he continues to work. Anse’s stupidity maddens him. He tends to Addie and later to Cash.


Among the fifteen storytellers. Local farmer. He puts up the Bundrens on the first night of their journey.


Among the fifteen narrators. Local minister. Father of Jewel. Years back, he had a secret affair with Addie.


One of the fifteen storytellers. Farmer who sets up the Bundrens for a number of nights.


Farmer who installs the Bundrens for a night. Darl burns his barn down.


One of the fifteen narrators. Assistant in a town shop. He tricks Dewey Dell into thinking he is a doctor, and markets a bogus abortion treatment to her in exchange for sex.

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