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As I lay Dying Characters


As I lay Perishing Characters

As I lay Dying Personalities

  1. Addie Bundren– The partner of Anse Bundren and also mother to Cash money, Darl, Gem, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman. Addie is a mostly missing lead character, and her death sets off the novel’s activity. She is a previous schoolteacher whose bitter, loveless life triggers her to abhor her husband and to invest all of her love in her favored kid, Gem, as opposed to in the rest of her family or God
  2. Anse Bundren– The head of the Bundren family. Anse is a poor farmer affected with a hunchback, whose reactions are overwhelmingly egocentric. His bad childrearing abilities seem to be mostly responsible for his youngsters’s various dilemmas. Alternately despised as well as disrespected by his kids, Anse nonetheless is successful in attaining his two best objectives in one dropped swoop: hiding his dead better half in her hometown of Jefferson, as well as acquiring a new set of incorrect teeth.
  3. Darl Bundren– The 2nd Bundren child. Darl is the most delicate as well as articulate of the enduring Bundrens as well as supplies the best number of indoor monologues in the book. As the family members experiences disaster upon catastrophe during the journey, Darl’s disappointment with the whole procedure leads him to try to end things emphatically by blazing his dead mom’s casket.
  4. Jewel — The bastard kid of Addie and Whitfield, the minister
  5. Cash money Bundren — The eldest Bundren youngster and an experienced woodworker
  6. Dewey Dell Bundren — The only Bundren kid. Seventeen and also got pregnant. Extremely desperate.
  7. Vardeman Bundren — The youngest of the Bundren youngsters. Blames peabody for killing Addie. Sights her fatality the same as he caught a fish. Innocent. Defeats Peabody’s equine.
  8. Vernon Tull — he is their wealthier neighbor he works with Darl, Gem, as well as Money for unusual jobs
  9. Cora Tull — Married to vernon who tries to maintain the tranquility, she rags on everybody, talks about what Addie thinks about her sons, obsessed with poultries, thinks Addie doesn’t truly love, child is Kate who does Bunsden family members eggs– > cake, Explains Addie as the best chef, narrow-minded always thought she was right, assists Addie, sees herself as a slave of god whose misison in life is to keep tull in line
  10. Peabody — The seriously obese rural doctor that addresses Addie and later to Cash. Peabody is exceptionally critical of the method Anse treats his youngsters.
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