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As I Lay Dying: Characters


As I Lay Perishing: Characters

daddy, weds a brand-new partner after he buries his other one, bad farmer, he has awful feet and a hunchback when he enters town to burry his wife he wants a brand-new set of teeth, can’t sweat
Kid with Whitfield, Jewel is her preferred child, she used to be a teacher, not spiritual, baker
Whitfield and Addie’s kid, has really few chapters, safeguards his mom, high competitive, likes his horse and then dislikes it, potty mouth
the most sane one, has the most interior monologues in the novel, sets his moms casket on fire, shy, utilizes advanced language, watchful
Dewey Dell
Pregnant with Lafe’s infant, bakes cakes to bring to town, seventeen, not correct in her speech
carpenter, constructs his mothers casket, he likewise likes his tools, broke his leg and then broke it again so they sealed it, show off
youngest believes his mamas death is like a fish he has actually just recently caught and cleaned up
Vernon Tull
he is their wealthier neighbor he employs Darl, Jewel, and Money for weird jobs
Stays with Addie for her last hours, very spiritual, self-sufficient
The badly overweight rural physician who addresses Addie and later to Money. Peabody is exceptionally important of the way Anse treats his kids.
The Mottson druggist who indignantly refuses Dewey Dell’s request for an abortion. Moseley’s stern lecture to Dewey Dell is both the embodiment of sanctimoniousness and, some may say, of fatherly caring.
Dewey Dells baby daddy, he influences Dewey Dell
The regional farmer who sets up the Bundrens on the very first evening of their devastating funeral journey. Samson sees the Bundrens’ issues as a judgment on the household’s tacky good manners and on Addie and Anse’s disregard for God and their own children.
A rather despicable young worker at a Jefferson drugstore. MacGowan obtains a sexual favor from Dewey Dell in return for a fake abortion treatment. (Procedure)
A local farmer who sets up the Bundrens on the 2nd evening of their funeral journey. Anse consistently and rigidly declines Armstid’s deal to provide Anse a team of mules.
Minister Addie cheated on Anse with Jewels father, though Whitfield solves to admit the affair to Anse, he ends up choosing that the mere intention to confess will do just as well.
Faulkner’s Story Style
Fifteen or sixteen different narrators
Faulkner’s Narrative Style
Interior monologues
Faulkner’s Narrative Design
Stream of consciousness
Faulkner’s Story Design
Control of time
Faulkner’s Story Style
Dialect of the Characters
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