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As I Lay Dying Essay


As I Lay Passing Away Essay

As I Lay Perishing Journal Question # 8 17 November 2009 In Chapter 24 of As I Lay Perishing, Vardaman simply states “My mother is a fish.” Initially, this may look like a child’s ridiculous association of his mom’s death with the death of a fish. Nevertheless, this connection enables Vardaman to overcome the extremely complicated concerns associated with death and presence. The abnormal disposition of this exchange identifies Vardaman’s absence of ability to handle the death of his mother in a sensible way.

Assets that are similar to one another ended up being exchangeable. For example, Vardaman recognizes the function of his mother to a fish, due to the fact that the fish is dead like Addie. In Chapter 13, Vardaman runs outside and starts to sob. When he sees the place on the ground where he had actually first laid the fish he had caught, he begins to consider how the fish is cut up into little small pieces of “not-fish” and “not-blood.” As a way of managing his mother’s death, he starts to blame Peabody for it.

As Vardaman struggles to comprehend that his mom is dead, he starts to beat Peabody’s horses with a stick as he blames and curses Peabody for Addie’s death. Vardaman’s continual tirades about the fish are merely his way of expressing his sensations and making sense of his mom’s death. He associates the conversion of a live fish into a dead one with the death of Addie. The principle that his own mother can disappear so unexpectedly is as mentally painful, if not more, for him as it is for the other family members.

Vardaman’s reactions to Addie’s death are to some extent methodical, and they show that he is incapable of having a healthy emotional action to his mother’s death. In Chapter 17, Vardaman’s bro, Darl, handles his mother’s death by questioning his own presence. He believes that considering that his dead mother is now described as “was” rather than “is,” she no longer exists. He reasons in his own mind that if she does not exist, then he should not exist either. Darl’s speculations cause alarming effects as he struggles with his own identity and existence. He is ultimately declared crazy.

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