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As i lay dying Journal Entries


As i lay passing away Journal Entries

!.?. !? As I Lay Passing away journal entries By: Roberto Boponti Money My impression of Cash was that he was an industrious man. He spent most of the day dealing with the casket for his mom. He seemed extremely selfless as he worked constantly on his mother’s casket. Although the reality that he was developing the casket right outside his moms window was somewhat disturbing to me. I would not want to enjoy a guy build my casket. To Cash this casket was his last present to his passing away mother and he desired it to be perfect witch is why he would hold up every piece to show his mom to make sure it was perfect.

Money’s importance was that he was the one to construct the coffin. Without him there would not be a casket to carry their mom in to the grave. Also Money appeared to be the voice of factor in the household and i feel as if he tried his hardest to hold the family together under tough scenarios. His selfless actions were likewise the reason the family made it to their moms tomb. Money a very rational thinker and straight forward type of guy. his stories in the book were mainly really logical, instead of the emotion filled stories of the other characters.

He did not care that Jewel was only his half trouble and respected and kept Dar’s tricks. A lot of his brother or sisters saw his act of building the coffin as a mean and terrible thing, But Money though oh the coffin as his last gift to his mother, so he desired it to be ideal. Apart from being selfless he also appeared to be persistent. s he carried on despite the fact that he had re-broken his leg. This caused him ultimately not being able to walk anymore, although he might have easily conserved his leg by going to a medical facility and letting the remainder of the household cary on with the task of taking their mother to her grave.

Among Cash’s redeeming qualities is his altruism. He worked all the time, through the cold and the rain to make his mom’s coffin perfect. He also cope the discomfort of his broken leg in order to assist get the coffin to the graveyard. He likewise shows a good deal of patience as he deals with his damaged leg through the journey, that extended longer than forecasted. He is likewise patient with his younger brother Darl, as he picks on Gem. Though Cash not does anything to stop this he does not get mad at Darl. Cashses relationship with Gem is far better than anyone else has with Jewel.

He appears to not be bothered by the fact that Gem is just his half brother, and accepts him as part of the household. Although he does refrain from doing much to assist when Gem is being bullied by Darl, he never attempts to injure Gem physically or mentally. Cash does not change drastically at all throughout the course of the book. The only change is that he breaks his leg and suffers throughout the latter part of the book. Cash is without a doubt my preferred character at the end of the book. He was the only one who thought logically about the situation. He suffered a good deal to get his mom to the graveyard.

Dewey Dell My first impression of Dewey was that she was a dumb blonde. She got fertilized out of wedlock, which in this time period seems to be an awful thing to do. She also seems ready to take up the role of being mother of the household after their mother passes away, and despite the fact that she truly does not want to she seems to have actually accepted that fact. I do not really like her at all since she just appears to me to be not very clever and sorta simply does what other individuals say she ought to do. Dewey significance in the book is that she serves as the mother as the family after Addie dies.

She is the one to tidy and cook for the family, and likewise take care of the youngest members. Her life appears to essentially be over because from now on al she will have the ability to do is take care of the household. Another thing she helps with is the capture an arrest of Darl. She helps the cops by getting on top him and clawing him, that made me have a little bit more respect for her but very little, I still don’t like her. Dewey completely frown at shaving the child, similar to Addie does. It appears to be that in this book children represent sadness and the end of pleased times, ecause for the rest of your life you have to spend it looking after the child. It seemed that her primary factor for supporting the household was to get an abortion, which didn’t work out as planned due to the fact that she simply ended up making love with the MacGowan at the drug store. Dewey also feels bound to take care of the household despite the fact that she really does not wish to. Although she will she seems to never ever do it out of love for her household however out of a feeling of commitment. The relationship in between Dewey and Layfe is very weird. I feel as if Layfe does not enjoy Dewey like Dewey loves Layfe.

This is revealed when Layfe gives Dewey ten dollars for an abortion. The only excellent quality I saw in Dewey was the fact that she was willing to take car of the household. She ensured the household was kept fed and everything stayed in order. Although she seems to be selfish in a way, she still senses of loyalty to her family which keeps her from fleing and keeps her doing all the “womanly tasks” of your house. Apart from that she just seems to be a self-centered dumb woman without any other redeeming qualities. The only other good idea she performed in the book was assist in the capture of Darl.

Which maybe shows that she has a little respect for authority, however besides that she is till a dumb self-centered lady. I did not see any modifications in Dewey throughout the book. At the end she was still the exact same dumb selfish woman she remained in the pleading. The only thing that changed was that now she had a household to look after. She has also not yet received an abortion and will probably continue to search for one. I do not like Dewey quite at all. She is so dumb that it angered me often. She looks like one of the stereotyped dumb blondes who are actually irritating and clueless about whatever that is happening around them.

She likewise just accepts the truth that she needs to take care of the household, which if i were her i would refrain from doing and would most likely run away or something. Gem My impression of Jewel was that i could associate with him more than any other character. He has a tough time expressing his feelings, which I do too. Gem also appears to love his mother a lot, probably due to the fact that he feels separated in his family and feel as if he can only get near his mom. Basically he is an only child, like me and I arrange off understand how he feels. Gem feels the exact same about horses as i feel about working out.

Whenever i feel overwhelmed with feelings, working out in the gym always helps, and Gem does the same with his horse. I liked Jewel and his characteristics right from the start. Throughout the book Gem is distant and somewhat done not like by his family, but the journey could not have been made without him. In two separate celebrations he risked his own life in order to conserve his mothers casket. He is likewise badgered by Darl, but never go nuts and fights him or anything. Without Jewel Anse would not have actually gotten his teeth either. Gem is extremely various from the others when it pertains to his family affairs.

He dislikes his household a lot and the only factor he does not leave is because of his intense love for his mom Addie. He dislikes his papa because Anse attempted to trade the horse that Jewel worked very tough for a mule. He feels very distant kind all of them. It is as if he can relate to the farm animals more than he can to his actual family. In Jewels eyes his mother is the only family member that he has any love for. Jewel is a complicated character. Although he does not understand how to show it, one of his redeeming qualities is his tremendous love that he has for his mom.

He loves her so much that he chose to stay with the family he dislikes simply to be able to be with his mom. He likewise risks his life two times saving his moms casket, showing his love for her is strong even after her death. He also has an intense passion for his animals. Like i said prior to his animals are more family than his actual family, and if it weren’t for this enthusiasm all the animals would have most likely perished in the barn fire. Gem and Addie have an extremely loving relationship. Even though Jewel never shows his love for her openly, Addie know that Jewel does enjoy her.

Jewel did no appear to alter much in throughout the book. He still had difficulty revealing his emotions at the end and he still did not like his family. I like Gem. I feel as if I can relate to him on a deep level. I also like the method he has a tremendous love for Addie and the animals however has an issue showing it, it reveals that despite the fact that others might not think he is an excellent person, deep down inside he really is. Anse I did not like Anse at the start of the book. He appeared extremely self-centered and not caring about his family. Whatever he did seemed to be in the advantage of himself and not appreciating the fate of his household.

He also waited a long period of time to call a doctor for Addie, which is odd because you would presume that you would call a medical professional on the beginning of an illness and not when the person will pass away. Anse was one of my least preferred characters at the start together with Darl. Anse does not do much to help in the book. He go’s along with the household to burry Addie, however only with the thought of getting brand-new teeth. I feel as if he might care less about where Addie was buried. He is very useless and self-centered throughout the journey. And to make matters worse he remarries practically instantly after they bury Addie.

The only “good” thing he did was trading Gem’s horse for a mule to assist the transportation of Addie’s casket. Showing he had no psychological connections to her and was just with her due to the fact that it was what he had to do. He seems to not appreciate anyone however himself, and his actions throughout the book revealed just that. The Household indicated very little to Anse. He seemed to only take care of himself and not for his family. Even his marital relationship to Addie seemed to be nothing more than living plans. He even remarried right after Addie was buried.

Addie has no great qualities, he is a selfish and indicate old man. He is worthy of to live the rest of his old dog’s life alone. Anse had an extremely non caring relation with Addie. It was as if he were just in a relation for the advantage of having children to assist work the farm. He might care less about Addie and her sensations. However that was all right due to the fact that Addie did not care about Anse either. She appeared to be in it only for the stability of having a home, but quickly regretting her decision to get wed and have kids. Neither of them seemed happy in their relationship.

The only thing that changed about Anse was that he got new teeth and remarried, but he continued to be an insensitive old wrinkled up dry guy he was at the begging Anse was my least preferred character. He had no regret for his dead partner, and despite the fact that they’re relationship was not good, he might at least have revealed some regard for his dead spouse. All he cared about throughout the book was getting brand-new teeth. On several occasions he not did anything to assist the household on their journey to burry Addie and just sat and watched as everyone else did all the work. He had no morals and i dislike him a lot.

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