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As I Lay Dying – Quotes Flashcards


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“It’s because he avoids there, right under the window, hammering and sawing on that ******* box. Where she’s got to see him. Where every breath she draws has lots of his knocking and sawing where she can see him saying See. See what a great one I am producing you.” (14 )
“I saw that with Gem she had just been pretending, but that it was in between her and Darl that the understanding and the true love was.” (24 )
“He said he knew without the words like he told me that ma is going to pass away without words, and I knew he understood since if he had said he knew with the words I would not have thought that he had actually existed and saw us.” (27 )
You could do so much for me if you simply would. If you felt in one’s bones. I am I and you are you and I understand it and you do not understand it and you could do so much for me if you just would and if you simply would then I might inform you and after that nobody would need to understand it except you and me and Darl. (51 )
“It was her bridal gown and it had a flare-out bottom, and they had laid her head to foot in it so the gown could expand, and they had made her a veil out of a mosquito bar so the auger holes in her face wouldn’t show.”( 88 )
“I done my finest,” I says. “I tried to do as she would wish it. The Lord will pardon me and excuse the conduct of them He sent me.” (106 )
“I could just remember how my father utilized to state that the reason for living was to get ready to remain dead a very long time.” (169 )
“He had a word, too. Love he called it. However I had actually been utilized to words for a long period of time. I knew that word was like the others: simply a wish to fill an absence; that when the right time came, you would not need a word for that anymore than for pride or worry.” (172 )
“When they told me she was passing away, all that night I battled with Satan, and I emerged victorious. I woke to the enormity of my sin; I saw the true light at last, and I fell on my knees and admitted to God and asked His assistance and received it.” (177 )
“It’s a public street.” the man says. “I reckon we can stop to buy something like airy other guy. We got the money to pay for hit, and struck aint airy law that says a man cant invest his cash where he desires.” (204 )
“The sound of it has become quite serene now, like the sound of the river did. We enjoy through the liquifying procenium of the entrance as Gem runs bending to the back of the coffin and stoops to it. For an immediate he searches for and out at us through the rain of burning hay like a portiere of flaming beads, and i can see his mouth shape as he calls my name.” (222 )
“In some cases I aint so sho who’s got ere a right to say when a male is crazy and when he aint. Often I think it aint none of us pure insane and aint none people pure sane up until the balance of us talks him that-a-way. it resembles it aint so much what a fellow does, however it’s the way most of folks is looking at him when he does it.” (233 )
“‘Ah,’ I says. ‘Have you got female problems or do you desire female problems? If so, you concern the best physician.’ Them nation individuals. Half the time they do not understand what they desire, and the balance of the time they cant inform it to you.” (243 )
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