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As I Lay Dying – Sisk


As I Lay Dying– Sisk

Riches is absolutely nothing in the face of the Lord, for He can see into the heart.
One lick less– if there is a God
Sometimes I lose faith in human nature for a time
The first time me and Lafe teased down the row.
Dewey Dell
You clean up that fish.
So I might get my mouth repaired.
I am not religious.
And I understood that if it had actually finally occurred to Anse himself that he needed one, it was already too late.
Death is a function of the mind. It disappears than a single renter or household moving out of a tenement or a town.
Now I can get them teeth.
The 2 flames glare up for a steady immediate. Then they head out as though somebody had leaned down and blown upon them.
Jewel, I say
He kilt her. He kilt her.
My mother is a fish
Prepared and et. Prepared and et.
He might do so much for me if he simply would.
Dewey Dell
What you got in you aint nothing to what I got in me.
Dewey Dell
It was not her. I believed it was her, however it was not.
The only burden Anse Bundren’s ever had is himself.
Vernon Tull
I don’t understand if I am or not. Therefore if I am not emptied yet, I am is.
First child
like his mom
mother does not like him
Wants to go to Jefferson to get a record gamer
Wanted to reveal of his workmanship on the casket
Second son
dislikes Jewel
knows things
Wanted to eliminate Addie
Third child
nasty mouthed
favorite of the mom
dad is Rev. Whitfield
Wish to go to Jefferson to bury his mother
Just child
Wants to go to Jefferson to have an abortion.
Dewey Dell
slowed down
wishes to go to Jefferson to consume bananas and see a train
Wants to go to Jefferson to get teeth
A steed and a bird
Like Pluto the god of hell
Married Anse because she abused by her father
A fish and a horse
next-door neighbor who has mules
Vernon Tull
religious lady who know about God
I made it on the bevel.
She came from there and she wants revenge.
Why does Addie want to be buried in Jefferson?
I seem like a wet seed wild in the hot blind earth
Dewey Dell
I can not like my mom because I have no mother. Jewel’s mom is a horse.
Why is Addie a horse?
She beats on Jewel like Gem beats on his horse.
Why is Anse a bird?
He appears like a bird.
Why is Anse a horse?
He is tough and exhausted
It won’t stabilize
In a couple of days now it’ll be smelling.
I am the selected of the Lord.
It wont be but one night and they’ll keep it in the barn.
too soon prematurely too soon
Dewey Dell (feelings after her mom died)
New Hope 3 miles
Dewey Dell
I think in God, God. I believe in God.
Dewey Dell (description of her dream/pass by New Hope)
My mule aint going into that water
Ma aint that ill
Why does Vardaman drill 2 holes in Addie’s casket
to assist her breathe
I must reach the 50,000 dollar mark of dead accounts on my books before I can give up.
Who knew that when I framed the words of my confession it was to Anse I spoke them.
I would dislike my father for having actually ever planted me.
Why aint you cut your hair?
Durn if there aint something about a durn fellow like Anse that appears to make a man need to assist him even when he knows he’ll be wishing to kick himself next minute.
Armstid (Anse’s next-door neighbor) discussing Anse
Often I aint so sho who’s got ere a right to state when a guy is insane and when he aint.
Word resembled the others, simply a shape to fill an absence.
People to whom sin is simply a matter of words, to them salvation is simply words, too.
Words are worthless.
When the Lord desires something to move, he makes it horizontal, like a road or horse; when he wants it to stay put, He makes it vertical like a tree or a male.
I simply can’t seem to get no heart into anything.
How does Anse get a team of mules?
mortgaged away Gem’s horse, his farmer and seeder
Who does Money blame for Darl’s psychological breakdown?
Whose is the real physician who declined to provide Dewey Dell an abortion?
Who is the pharmasist who takes Dewey Dell downstairs?
Who likes Darl?
However the everlasting and the everlasting redemption and grace is not upon her.
Cora about Addie
Who is Addie’s cross and redemption?
Gem– compares to The Scarlet Letter and pearl
Why does Darl set the barn on fire at the Gillespie’s?
To end the journey to Jefferson with his mom’s body breaking down
Why do the kids walk 15 feet apart on the journey?
recommends an absence of closeness amongst family members; they end with Gem in front (the chain of command of the children)
They sound as though they were speaking out of the air about your head.
Darl– a referral to Faulkner’s stream-of-consciousness strategy (storyteller’s speech and ideas transcribed)
Provide examples of the southern gothic novel.
Fat doctor
holes drillled in the head
weird home on top of a hill
Rape of Dewey Dell
Compare the novel to folklore.
TItle from Odysseus
Addie is dying in hell like Persephone.
Jewel resembles Dionysius– cursing
Anse is like Pluto, the god of hades
Dewey Dell resembles Demeter, the goddess of fertility
Cash resembles the god of blacksmithing, Hephaestus.
How does the novel compare to Cain and Abel?
the entire family sacrifices Darl and sends him to the psychological institution
How is the novel a tour de force?
It consists of whatever consisting of grotesque humor, allusions to folklore, The Scarlet Letter, and so on
. List 5 styles of the novel.
hypocritical Christians
city vs. country
words vs actions
love vs hate
How does the unique compare with Huck Finn?
journey down a river/journey to Jefferson
What does the Bundren household signify?
life in hell
What is the setting?
1920’s in Mississippi
Why was Addie put in the coffin backwards?
She is wearing her wedding dress, and a veil is placed over her face to cover the holes.
How was Cash injured?
He fell 28 feet from the top of the church.
Why would not the casket balance correctly?
Addie’s bridal gown made if off balance.
Whose eyes are like “pieces of a damaged plate”?
What is wrong with Cash?
He can’t swim.
Who saves the coffin and Money?
I saw something that Dewey Dell informed me not to tell no one.
What does Anse blame for his misfortune?
the road
Gem saves Addie from what?
The water and the fire
Why did Anse never ever send for Peabody?
He wanted the cash to get new teeth.
“If I might just feel it, it would be various, due to the fact that I wouldn’t be alone”
Dewey Dell
Example of irony.
Anse’s statement,” I mislike indecision.”
What is the result of the cow wandering through the townstreets?
The cow is a fertility symbol/ Dewey Dell.
An example of city vs nation
Vardaman thinks that lights remain in the trees.
Yes, yes yes
Meet Mrs. Bundren
It do not harm none
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