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As I Lay Dying Vardaman


As I Lay Passing Away Vardaman

Carly Chervanik October 15, 2010 Henley 5th period As I Lay Dying– Vardaman Bundren is the youngest of the household, in between the ages of ten and thirteen. At first, we believe that Vardaman’s character is illiterate just because of his age, however, throughout the book we find out that it is simply the way he is. His character exposes that his idiotic ideas aren’t so idiotic to himself. He is puzzled about numerous things however also has rather an imagination. William Faulkner utilized Vardaman’s character to write with diction that is nearly impossible to read.

Faulkner made him speak as a kid, because that is simply what he is. His sentences are usually extracted and rarely ever make sense, however that’s what the readers love about Vardaman, is that he is the most uninformed of the family. He is a fun character to check out in addition to due to the fact that his chapters normally have something intriguing to state in them. Vardaman is extremely confused about his mother, Addie Bundren’s death. He is not rather sure how to respond to it, because he doesn’t truly understand what is going on and can not deal with the truth of her death.

In the beginning, Vardaman thinks the Dr. Peabody has killed his mom. “As soon as he makes it through kicking I can and after that I can sob, the sobbing can. He kilt her. He kilt her” (54 ). Initially, Vardaman is convinced that Dr. Peabody killed her since he pertained to go to Addie and see how she was doing. After she dies, Dr. Peabody had actually just left which is why Vardaman implicates him of eliminating her. After understanding what really occurs, he ends up being delusional and more distressed. “My mother is fish” (84 ).

Vardaman errors his mom for a fish since at the start of the novel, he catches a fish and after that merely suffices into pieces. He relates this to his mother since he knows the fish is no longer a fish, and due to the fact that his mom is dead, he presumes that Addie has actually changed into the fish. He still thinks that she lives, nevertheless, while she is laying in her coffin. Vardaman reacting this way about this fish is important to his character due to the fact that the reader can understand how his brain functions and how he requires to compare his mom’s death to totally value the concept of what is taking place.

The fish Vardaman associates with his mom’s death is also a sign of importance. It connects to significance since it might represent the Jesus fish, or ichthys. Given that Vardaman eliminated and cleaned up the fish, it represents Jesus passing away yet compromising himself for everybody around him. Vardaman seems to have some type of connection with Darl, one of his oldest brothers as well. He thinks that Darl is “strong” and “the best grabbler”. (151) Darl is seen as among his good example since he trails behind in a great deal of his tracks.

Nevertheless, when the household crosses the river and their mothers casket falls into the water, Vardaman is very disillusioned by the truth that Darl was not able to save the coffin his mother is in. Both of theses characters are also questioned by how something that “is” can become something that “was”. Although to begin with we look at Darl as really smart, towards the end we discover that he is just as crazy as Vardaman. In such a way they sort of simulate each other due to the fact that both of the characters have “mental concerns” that are really apparent to the reader, such as the fish analysis of Vardaman, and Darl burning down the barn.

For some reason, Vardaman normally seems to speak about Darl the most also. “Darl he went to Jackson is my brother Darl is my brother.” (249) All in all, Vardaman has an exceptionally strong character, even though he is not the most intelligent of the household. He plays a major function in the Bundren family, specifically discussing the fish and his mothers death. Vardaman is a really appealing character who although may be difficult to follow along, however is still a fun character to read along with. As

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