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As I Lay Dying William Faulkner

  • Addie Bundren– Addie is the better half of Anse and the mom of Cash, Darl, Jewel, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman.
  • Anse Bundren– Anse is Addie’s widower, the dad of all the children however Gem.
  • Cash Bundren– Money is a skilled and practical carpenter and the oldest kid of the household. In his late twenties, he develops Addie’s casket.
  • Darl Bundren– The 2nd eldest of Addie’s kids, Darl is about two years more youthful than Cash. Darl is the most articulate character in the book; he tells 19 of the 59 chapters.
  • Jewel Bundren– Gem is the 3rd of the Bundren kids, most likely around nineteen years of age. A half-brother to the other children and the favorite of Addie, he is the illegitimate boy of Addie and Reverend Whitfield. A lot of, if not all, of the characters other than Addie seem uninformed of this.
  • Dewey Dell Bundren– Dewey Dell is the only daughter of Anse and Addie Bundren; at seventeen years old, she is the 2nd youngest of the Bundren kids.
  • Vardaman Bundren– Vardaman is the youngest Bundren child, somewhere between seven and 10 years old.
  • Vernon Tull– Vernon is a good friend of the Bundrens, who appears in the book as an excellent farmer, less spiritual than his partner.
  • Cora Tull– Cora is the other half of Vernon Tull, a next-door neighbor of Addie’s who is with her at her death. She is really religious and this displays in her language.
  • Eula Tull– Cora and Vernon’s child.
  • Kate Tull– Cora and Vernon’s other daughter.
  • Peabody– Peabody is the Bundrens’ physician; he tells 2 chapters of the book. Anse sends out for him quickly before Addie’s death. This is far too late for Peabody to do anything more than to watch Addie pass away. Towards the end of the book, when he is working on Money’s leg, Peabody offers an exceptional assessment of Anse and the entire Bundren family from the point of view of the neighborhood at large. Dr. Peabody is also a repeating character in the Yoknapatawpha County universe.
  • Lafe– Lafe is a farmer who has fertilized Dewey Dell and offered her $10 to get an abortion.
  • Reverend Whitfield– Whitfield is the local minister with whom Addie had an affair, resulting in the birth of Gem.
  • Samson– Samson is a regional farmer who lets the Bundren family stay with him the opening night on their journey to Jefferson. Samson’s wife, Rachel, is disgusted with the way the family is dealing with Addie by dragging her casket through the countryside.
  • Other storytellers: MacGowan, Moseley, and Armstid
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