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Aspects of the Tragiccomedy As I Lay Dying Essay


William Faulkner’s As I Lay Perishing is both comic and terrible in many methods throughout this book. This is a story of a family who carts their dead mother, Addie, to be buried in her home town in Jefferson. There are fifteen monologues from this book including one from Addie. The household goes through horrendous barriers in order to finish their journey. Addie is the heart and soul of this household yet she never desired this life.

Addie’s dad would inform her, “The factor for living was to prepare yourself to remain dead a long period of time.

169. So she took Anse for a partner and gave him Money and Darl. After she had Darl she made Anse promise to bury her in Jefferson when she died. But Anse wanted more kids. Addie had an affair with Mr. Whitfield and had Jewel. She provided Anse Dewey Dell for the unfavorable of Jewel and last Vardaman. Addie is bitter about her life and doesn’t reveal the love and affection towards her kids other than to Gem her favorite. As long as she is around this family the more suffering she will give them.

All her kids except Jewel desire her love and compassion however she rebukes them. In the start of their journey Jewel takes horse with him, however Anse protests this since he feels it is ill-mannered towards Addie. Jewel should be riding in the wagon with everyone else. They come to a bridge which has simply collapsed due to the fact that of the weather and the river is moving really fast. It will take the journey longer if they walk around so the Bundren family makes up a strategy and goes through it. Money and Darl make their way across the broken bridge when the wagon suggestions.

Darl was supposed to hold on the coffin however instead lets it go hoping that God will look after her and that would end their journey. However, Gem entered into the river to rescue his dead mother from the river and foiled Darl’s plans. Money has a broken leg but he’s fortunate due to the fact that it was the exact same leg he had actually broken before so he is not begrudging it. Money holds back on medical treatment until they bury Addie. When they come to rest at Mr. Gillippsie’s barn Darl has had enough of this trip all he wishes to do is end it and send Addie on her method, serene like in her sleep.

So Darl sets the barn on fire, livestock and all. Nevertheless, Jewel comes to the rescue once again and conserves the coffin from being burnt. Vardaman understands Darl set the barn on fire however lke an excellent sibling he keeps it to himself and does not tell anybody. The remainder of the family suspects it is Darl and are going to handle him after they bury Addie. Darl introspectively has an insight to his family’s secrets. He has actually found that Dewey Dell is pregnant and is entering into town to get a treatment for an abortion; Gem is not Anse’s kid, and by that believed he taunts Gem to no end.

He knows Anse is going to Jefferson for a brand-new set of teeth even if he has to plead, steal or borrow. Anse takes money from Cash and Dewey Dell, and after that he sells Jewel’s horse to spend for a new mule group to get them to Jefferson. When they do reach Jefferson Addie is passed due and ready for the ground. Anse obtains a couple spades in order to dig the tomb and they lay her to rest. Betrayed by Dewey Dell and attacked by Gem, Darl is removed to the asylum. Just Cash understands him; just Money and Vardaman pity him.

Referring to himself in the 3rd person, an indication of severe self-estrangement, Darl states: “Darl is our sibling, our bro Darl. Our brother Darl is in a cage in Jackson where, his grimed hands lying light in the quiet interstices, watching out he foams. ‘Yes yes yes’.” To the end it is a search for kinship that consumes Darl, and his cryptic row of affirmatives might symbolize a last, pitiful effort to announce his brotherhood. Howe The characters in As I Lay Passing away do not clearly communicate to one another.

Each goes and does whatever they require to do for themselves with little regard for the other. Addie Bundren was a very personal woman and would not have it any other way; I believe she passed that quality to her kids. Since, if they did speak to each other perhaps there would be a better bond with all of them instead of thinking and suggestion toeing around the matter. In this terrible comedy book the paradox is seeing what you dislike inside increase itself by 5. This is what Addie Bundren developed.

Dewey Dell remains in the same place her mommy was only a little even worse off since she is not wed. Darl is goes mad and heads to a crazy asylum. Vardaman is attempting to piece whatever together and still believes his mom is a fish. Jewel is kinder to his mother in death then he was when she lived and I think he regrets that. Money has one great leg and still has his carpenter tools, he’ll make it through somehow. Anse can not live without a partner so when gets his teeth in Jefferson he introduces the children to their new mother.

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