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Belonging the Crucible, Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm


Belonging the Crucible, Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm

Without comprehension one can not fully belong, but with understanding, belonging will prosper. If you do not understand someone or their beliefs or somebody does not understand you or your beliefs it is not likely you will feel like you totally belong with them. In Arthur Millers The Crucible intolerance, hysteria and suspicion, greed (for wealth, land, power)and corruption of power turns a town versus each other and highlights the various groups in the town and how they are connected or banished from the remainder of the town and how better understanding of each group could effect this.

In Lord of the Flies by William Golding the different views and beliefs of Ralph and Jack and the requirement for power in both kids’ segregates the group and the loss of innocence and humanity turns the group away from civilisation and towards Savagery. In George Orwell’s Animal Farm manipulation of society and breakdown of laws and class stratification, shows the functions of a society as an entire and the various groups which trigger a society to thrive or fail.

The Crucible tells the story of the Salem witch hunt of 1692 although it was not written and published till 1953 when the suspicion against the communists in America was as its height. Intolerance is a reoccurring style in the crucible, the town of Salem was a theocracy so when John Proctor and Giles Corey, and others spoke up versus the trials in order to safeguard their better halves or themselves this was viewed as an attack on the Government and the Church along with God, Danforth mentions “A person is with the court or the must be counted against it there is no road in between”

In Salem if you do not belong to God you belong to the devil that is seen as accountable for the acts of witchcraft for that reason you are seen to be a part of witchcraft. The towns people do not have of comprehending towards things they view as supernatural is blemed on witchcraft so they feel the have a sense of understanding towards it. Individuals who were originally implicated of witchcraft where the towns outcasts- The people that the majority of the town already had little tolerance for, these people were of the lower most class they were easy to accouse due to the fact that they couldn’t stand up for themselves.

Abigail Williams saw this and utilized it to her advantage it was not till well respected towns individuals begun to be implicated that the town started to question the trials however already Abigail already had complete power using the courts do not have of understanding to influence them, and intimidating the girls and proctor by the things she understands that will blacken their track record for that reason giving her the power to choose who lives and who passes away. Hysteria and suspicion is what permits the towns people to believe their neighbours might have dedicated the various crimes they were accused of.

If the towns people had actually thought that the first to be implicated were innocent, and held no suspicion towards them and comprehended abigails intentions the witch trials may have never occurred and the guilt would have gone back to Abigail and the women. The hysteria also permits specific towns individuals to reveal quelched sensations and act on previous grudges such as Abigail implicating Elizabeth proctor of witchcraft utilizing the poppet as she tries to have actually Elizabeth eliminated so she can be with proctor.

An example of mass hysteria is in the court room is when Miller utilizes remarkable paradox when Abigail and the girls implicate Mary Warren of being a bird and assaulting them. Abigail says, “Oh, please, Mary! Do not come down. Mary, please don’t harm me!” This is significant paradox since they understand Mary warren is innocent. Abigail is revealing quelch feelings about Mry threatening to tell the fact in the beginning and Proctors support towards Mary eventually gives her the self-confidence to share the fact prior to turning back on proctor. The only reason hysteria and suspicion prospers is due to the fact that individuals benefit from it.

Greed in the crucible mainly revolves around four people, Reverend Parris, Thomas Putnam, judge danforth and Abigail Williams. Reverend Parris was greedy towards wealth this appears when parris preaches for weeks about gold candle sticks up until he has them in addition to the argument parris gets in over his pay including money for fire wood or not Miller utilizes this argument to enable the audience to have a mutual understanding of who Parris genuinely is. Putnam utilized the witch trials as a reason to get back at with his neighbours and get their land. The characters do not have of understanding

Judge Danforth’s greed for power this is evident when danforth refuses to cancel the hangings for the well respected Salem people as he fears the town’s individuals will over through the court. Abigail is greedy for another person spouse- proctor- she acts on this greed by attempting to get Elizabeth proctor hung. Abigail is also greedy in self interest she would rather turn against proctor- the guy she supposedly enjoys- in order to protect any blame or suspicion from her. Parris is had a greed for the power that being the minister of the church gives him.

Parris has a change of mind about the witch trials when he realises the towns people are turning against him and he is losing his power. Proctor is also in a sense greedy he is greedy for pride when he declines to sign the confection. “Because it is my name! Because I can not have another in my life! Since I lie and sign myself to lies! Since I am unworthy the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? I have actually given you my soul; leave me my name! Proctor decides that keeping a clean name and having a good credibility is better then his own life.

Miller utilizes the whole fourth viewed as a climax to cancel the rather moderate death of proctor. When someone’s greed is not managed it can lead that individual down a very harmful path which is precisely what took place in Salem, with more understanding from the town this death path or greed might have been stopped by the Salem town’s individuals. The Witch trials would not have actually taken place if it was not for the corruption of power Abigail had power over the other girls who were dancing in the woods and she kept this power by threatening them And mark this. Let either of you breathe a word, or the edge of a word about the other things, and I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy numeration that will shiver you.” Abigail understands totally the implications of being condemned of witchcraft and admitted to dancing in the forest however threatens the girls not to inform anyone about her drinking a potion in order to eliminate Elizabeth proctor.

Reverend hale damages his power unconsciously, as he thinks that Abigail and the ladies are informing the truth, his image as a well informed Godly guy makes him the ideal model for the towns people to mold their opinion of the witch trials from. “Let you not mistake your duty as I misinterpreted my own. I came into this village like a groom to his precious, bearing presents of high religion; the very crowns of holy law I purchased, and what I touched with my intense self-confidence, it died; and where I turned the eye of my terrific faith, blood streamed up.

Hale eventually understands his error and understands that he has been deceived by Abigail and the ladies and because of this is caused irreparable damage. In an attempt to best one of his wrongs Hale talks Elizabeth proctor into attempting to convince John proctor to the confession in order to conserve his life. Putnam is corrupted by the power of his credibility in Salem along with out of town. When Hale initially arrives he specifies the he did not anticipate such distinguished company as soon as he finds out of Putnam’s name.

Putnam utilizes the power of his credibility in order to accuse innocent individuals through his daughter for his own selfish means. In the path scene the Court room is described as, ‘Em pty, however for sunlight putting through two high windows in the back wall.’ The might sun describes the light of God which might suggest that God remains in the court space nevertheless this is a strategy Miller utilizes in order to produce false sense of security within the audience. This in a sense also shows the audience that ‘God’ has no genuine power in the court room.

In the crucible the puritan lifestyle is suggested to rule those in Salem nevertheless this is not the case, Abigail has power over the other women using worry, the court and the church so for that reason she has power over the whole town. Danforth, Hathon and parris are the law, all of which are corrupt, next in the power line up are the Putnam’s, they have no genuine power but the power from their excellent credibility permits them to affect others and lie whilst still being thought.

Tituba is a servant from Barbados and she has no power, however after she confessed to siding with the devil and declaring to desire God she is thought about innocent however does not come from any group within the town. The nurses, Coreys and proctors are linked together by their faith and goodness however they are exiled from the remainder of the town after being implicated of witchcraft and declining to sign an incorrect confession as they would not lie. John Proctor both comes from the group of the nurses and Coreys however is also banished from them after he states ‘God is dead’ and in such a way is deigning his faith.

Lord of the Flies informs the story of a group of school boys trapped on a dessert island after an aircraft crash. The story starts with Ralph and piggy meeting on the beach, they find a conch shell which Golding utilizes as a sign Authority and a democracy, quickly the young boy assemble on the beach Jack shows up in a group worn uniform which he is clearly the leader of however Ralph I chose the leader and insists on having a signal fire which represents hope, redemption and their rescue.

Quickly the rules breakdown and Jack starts his own group, one based on searching, manly aggressiveness, war, the hunt and basic impulses. The total destruction and breakdown of society and factor occurs with the death of piggy and the shattering of the conch. There are 2 primary different views in the lord of the flies, Ralphs and Jacks. Ralph functions as a democratic leader with a tremendous quantity of help from piggy ont he island with a plan to keep the group as one and uses the conch as a symbol of his authority over the other young boys “Ralph sat on a fallen trunk, his left side to the sun.

On his Right were the majority of the choir; on his left the larger young boys who had not known each other before the evacuation: prior to him children crouched in the grass.” Golding utilizes this image to show that the boys naturally organize themselves in specific groups based upon existing affiliations and age that govern ties to one another and also reveals that the power lies with Ralph, Next in line of power are the older boys and at the bottom of the rank is the small children that do not truly provide anything for this society.

Throughout the novel there is constant dispute with Jack and Ralph Triggered by Jacks need for complete leadership. In contrast to Ralph, Jack is a dictatorial ruler; he drives the young boys to savagery through overthrowing Ralphs ruling raiding Ralph’s camp and intense hunts on initially wild pigs however begins to turn this hunt onto other young boys who did not adhere to his rule (Simon, Piggy, Ralph).” He started to dance and his laughter ended up being a bloodthirsty snarling.” Jack has offered into his primal instincts during a pig hunt and motivates the others to do the exact same.

Unlike Jack, Ralph never felt the need for power till it was forced upon him, he was content on being on an island with no adult restraint, but he steps up to his brand-new function as leader and takes it in his stride to safeguard and have the group interact similarly in order to keep them as safe as possible. It isn’t up until Jack attempts to take and change Ralph’s function, that Ralph releases he now has an unmanageable need to keep the young boys safe and guarantee their finest possible chances of being rescued through the signal fire.

After Jack creates his own society Ralph and Piggy crucify a few of their own worths in order to come from jacks group and gain approval and meat. “Piggy and Ralph, under the hazard of the sky, discovered themselves eager to occur in this demented however partially protected society”. Piggy and Ralph feel both wrong and ideal in participating in the mock pig attack. Jack feels the need to be a leader as he sees himself as the better leader and is likewise already the leader of the choir boys. At first Jack accepts Ralph to be the leader “we’ve got to have rules and obey them.

After all, we’re not savages. We’re English and the English are best at whatever.” Jack reveals his regard for the democracy, the conch and Ralph’s rules. However Jack soon tires of the rules after he feels that his talents are being overlooked by Ralph and this stimulates feelings of not belonging and leads the kids astray and into Anarchy. “The forest near them rupture into uproar. Demoniac figures with faces of white and red and green rushed out howling, so that the littluns ran away shrieking.

Out of the corner of his eye, Ralph saw Piggy running. Two figures rushed at the fire and he prepared to protect himself but they got half-burnt branches and dealt with away along the beach. The 3 others stood still, viewing Ralph; and he saw that the tallest of them, plain naked save for paint and a belt, was Jack”. Golding uses the nakedness of the boys represents them stripping OF the remainder of English society and the judgments of Ralph in favour of the ‘freedom’ of jacks way of life.

The belt Jack wears sets him apart from the other young boys representing that he is in charge. This is the point where jack has complete power, almost. This story ends with the loss of life, the loss of innocence, the rekindling of mankind and immense knowledge that the boys were too young to fully comprehend. “Ralph wept for completion of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart, and the fail the air of the real, is buddy called Piggy.” Ralph weeps at the feet of their rescuer moments before his life could have ended.

Animal farm informs the story of a group of animals that drive out the people on the farm and eventually the pigs take control and fill the role of the missing humans and develop a society harsher them form when the people had control and the brand-new oppressor takes totalitarian control. Throughout the cause of the animal farm society is manipulated and breakdown of laws takes place, after the people are gone out the pigs naturally take charge being the smartest bread of animal on the farm, they produce 7 commandments which were initially 1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. 3. No animal shall wear clothes. 4. No animal shall oversleep a bed. 5. No animal shall drink alcohol. 6. No animal shall kill any other animal. 7. All animals are equal. Nevertheless throughout the course of the book Squealer paints additions to some commandments without the other animals knowing to benefit the pigs while keeping them without allegations of breaking the laws the laws where changed to “No animal shall consume alcohol to excess”, “No animal will sleep in a bed with sheets” contributed to it).

The laws are then totally changed with “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equivalent than others”, and the chant the sheep repeated constantly (4 legs good, 2 legs bad) the sheep where instead taught “Four legs great, two legs better!” one the pigs discovered to walk on their hind legs. Orwell utilizes this motif in an effort to make the working class one and lose their uniqueness and it paints the pigs in a worthy light when they are the primary topic of these tunes and slogans.

The change in these laws sets the pigs apart from the other animals as they are considered more highly and the other animals can not belong to this special club. The animals thought about lesser are forced to do the pigs biddings as they are naive and can’t see what it is the pigs are doing. The Napoleon the total leader takes charge of some puppies and develops them into his individual body guards and ‘muscle, he utilizes the pets as a constant danger to the animals if they were ever to try nd rebel versus him, “at this there was a terrible baying noise outside, and nine enormous dogs wearing brass-studded collars came bounding into the barn, They rushed straight for snowball, who just derived from his place in the nick of time to leave their snapping jaws” Napoleon also utilizes the pet dogs as a weapon to eliminate his compition to be leader and forces him of the farm and constructs lies about him so that he no longer belongs on the farm.

In the beginning of animal farm the animals are combined in the face of a typical enemy however one the human oppressor is overthrown- the typical enemy eliminated- they animals are divided and the classes stratified although animalism was developed to represent total equality. Napoleon mentions to his human visitors at a celebration he held one night “if you have you lower animals to contend with, we have our lower classes! The human beings then go one to state that they have never ever seen animals worked so hard with so little food, it is at this point that the other animals realise they have actually been disserved, at this point it was far too late for them to do anything about it. The Pigs and Canines are divided into the upper class who considers themselves the brain employees whilst the other animals are the working class. Orwell utilizes the barn as a cumulative memory of the previous society and through the modifications of the commandments as a fresh viewpoint of the contemporary country.

Animal Farm is not composed from the viewpoint of any one animal, Orwel did this to convey the shared emotions and ideas of the animals. No one individual can completely comprehend somebody’s words thoughts or actions. If understanding is not tried devastating repercussions might be the outcome. Even when a single person is made to feel they don’t belong it harms the entire of society and trigger the society to breakdown.

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