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Beloved Quiz 1

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  • 17] worth=”a scam artist” > a scam artist a gotten away client from a psychological health center the ghost of the dead infant, in the kind of a living lady a fugitive slave on the run 19 Beloved could be said most convincingly to represent African tribal culture the discomfort of the past and the tradition of slavery the requirement for Christian faith the delights of motherhood 20 Throughout the novel, Paul D’s heart is most often said to have been changed by an empty void a ball of stone a tobacco tin with its cover rusted shut a savage monster 21 Years ago, Sethe’s child died because of a train mishap Sethe eliminated her instead of see the child went back to slavery Sethe’s family was massacred by the Klan of weapons fire throughout the Civil War 22 Baby Suggs advised her fans to enjoy their bodies. Her command reveals the need for former slaves to kill anyone who attempts to hurt them organize militias to fight the Klan become more decadent reclaim themselves and conquer the self-loathing found out under slavery 23 After the tragedy of what happened to Sethe, Child Suggs became militant and organized militias to fight white oppression fixed to help blacks learn to read and write ended up being embittered and gave up her preaching left for Canada 24 Sethe was hounded and discovered by teacher 28 days after she arrived in Cincinatti one year after she got here in Cincinatti 3 years after she showed up in Cincinatti before she reached the North 25 One of Sethe’s many horrifying experiences was when she overheard teacher inform his nephews to note Sethe’s characteristics in 2 columns, one for human characteristics and one for supernatural characteristics in 3 columns, one for the Id, one for the Ego, and one for the Superego in two columns, one for human attributes and one for animal characteristics in 2 columns, one for human characteristics and one for female characteristics

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