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Beloved Quiz 2

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  • a child. 11 Denver fixes to leave 124 for the first time in twelve years. She goes to get help from Ella. Woman Jones. Paul D. Stamp Paid. 12 On hearing of Sethe’s predicament and then Beloved’s return, the females of Cincinatti’s black neighborhood speak with the minister and after that ask Sethe to join their church. send an invite to Beloved to join their church. decide to help Sethe and Denver with gifts of food and then go to 124 to exorcise Beloved. for the many part decide that Sethe is getting what she was worthy of. 13 While Beloved’s ghost is being forced to leave, Sethe begins to relive her past. She then mistakes Mr. Bodwin for schoolteacher and attempts to murder him with an icepick. mistakes Mr. Bodwin for teacher and cuts Beloved’s throat. mistakes Stamp Paid for teacher and tries to murder him with an icepick. mistakes Mrs. Bodwin for Amy Denver and believes that she is running from Sugary food Home once again. 14 When teacher initially came for Sethe, the blacks who lived close-by stopped working to send out alerting to Sethe. They didn’t alert Sethe since they were envious of Child Suggs and resentful of her generosity. they hesitated of schoolteacher. they thought that schoolteacher was a doctor. none of the above. 15 Because Sethe is rendered incapable of taking care of herself, Denver runs away with a young boy from the city. Denver, with a new understanding of what her mom has actually suffered, takes a night task to feed them and looks after Sethe during the day. Denver “finds Jesus”. Denver alters her name and goes to Oberlin College.

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