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Challenging Authority – Romeo and Juliet


Challenging Authority– Romeo and Juliet

Over the course of time, minors challenge authority, making their own choices. Minors usually, break their guardian’s rules, leading to little and/or big issues. Disobeying any sort of authority such as, parents/guardians, the authorities, a spiritual pastor and even an instructor has its bad outcomes. Numerous people, primarily minors, dispute on whether going against the grain deserves it. Going against the grain has its greater opportunities to having an unfavorable result. Therefore, I believe that tough authority is not worth it. Is a teen’s mind set mature enough to make its own decisions and break the rules? Teenagers are now leaving a stage where decisions were made for them, by their parents, and moving into a stage where making their own choices can impact them significantly. For instance, in the Romeo and Juliet no fear version (act 2, scene 5) Tybalt (a Capulet) feels really angry towards the reality that Romeo (a Montague) has the nerve to appear at the Capulet party. Tybalt immediately wants to damage Romeo, nevertheless Capulet stops him due to the fact that he feels it would have an unfavorable result. Capulet knows that if a battle was to occur at that celebration is would look bad on the entire Capulet family. Tybalt was in a frame of mind where he wasn’t believing properly, if Capulet would not have stopped him chaos would have happened.
In what circumstances can a small break authority? Moms and dads nearly never comprehend a small’s mind or why they do the things they do. Parents often make choices that the small may dislike, so the small feels it is necessary to disobey that order. For instance, in the story of Romeo and Juliet (act 3, scene 5) girl Capulet and Capulet try to get Juliet to wed Paris, however Juliet had no love for Paris so she disobeyed her parents. Juliet couldn’t see herself marrying a person she did not love. Moms and dads, sometimes take the idea “doing what’s best for you? to the point where it can affects the minor negatively. There is likewise, circumstances where the parents want the small to be exactly like them and follow exactly their footsteps, not providing a kid the right to reveal themselves and grow up to be whoever they want to be. If a moms and dads does not attain their goal when they were young, they eagerly anticipate their child accomplishing this goal for them.
Where would we be without the consideration of authority? Without the consideration of the moms and dads, minors most likely wouldn’t have a roof over their heads and food on the table. The fact that parents meet the needs of the minor, shows that there is no great reason for a teen to disobey an adult’s orders. Moms and dads become very over protective, not because they wish to be frustrating, it is due to the fact that they were young when and they went through numerous errors and they learn from them. For instance, in the story of Romeo and Juliet, Capulet (father of Juliet) and lady Capulet (Juliet’s mother) were very over protective parents. They didn’t desire Juliet committing the very same errors they did, for instance girl Capulet had Juliet at the age of 14. Without the products and love that moms and dads give the minors, teenagers would be lost worldwide. Some might be homeless, ignorant, and even incarcerated. In addition, minors might disobey orders due to the fact that the parents didn’t get them what they desired or they didn’t buy them that outfit they desired. It’s not the moms and dads fault, they may just have cash for the costs and food. Teens snap and don’t see that the moms and dad is attempting their best, so they seek for methods of getting what they wants behind their moms and dads back, leading to robbery, and causing imprisonment.
Overall, it is visible that a child may feel frustrated for a parent being over protective. Where would be without the factor to consider of those who pick to secure us. Our parents, guardians, cops department, religious pastors, or any other grownups around us? Our elders, deserve absolutely nothing aside from respect. All this clingy and annoying things we get from our seniors is all worth it in the future.

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