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Chapter 11 Things Fall Apart


Chapter 11 Things Break Down

In numerous cultures, the act of storytelling is exceptionally important. Not just are stories a source of home entertainment, but lots of stories have hidden themes and lessons that are important in teaching morals and worths. In Umuofia, an imaginary location in Chinua Achebe’s unique, Things Break down, storytelling is very essential in their culture. In Chapter 11, Okonkwo’s better half Ekwefi tells a timeless folk story about a tortoise and birds. This story is essential since not only does it teach sincerity and that greed is bad, however the story serves as foreshadowing for the reader.

The tortoise can represent the Europeans and their colonization and the birds can represent the African people and how easily they are deceived. The story of the tortoise and the birds is one told in numerous cultures with various variations. In the version done by the Igbo, all the birds are invited to the sky to a feast in the sky and Tortoise see’s and becomes envious so he develops a scheme to get to the feast in the sky.

The birds at first stand up against Tortoise, telling him they know about how shrewd and mischievous he is however he says he is an altered male and the birds concur and each provide him a feather with which he develops 2 wings. When the day of the banquet came the birds and Tortoise fly as much as the banquet. On the way, Tortoise tells the birds they all need names, which his is “All of you” so when the birds come to the celebration and all the food had actually been set out Tortoise asked the male who he had prepared the feast for, and the guy responded “For all of you. Tortoise informs the birds that according to custom-made, they need to wait till he has actually eaten and after that they will get their meal as well.

The birds were angry, so they each reclaimed the feather that Tortoise had actually lent them, leaving Tortoise with no method to return back home. Tortoise begs the birds to take a message to his spouse so she can produce a cushion for when he jumps out of the sky, however they all decline other than for Parrot who concurs. When Parrot reaches Tortoise’s house nevertheless, he tells her to highlight all the difficult things in the house. Tortoise see’s that his other half is bringing things outside and falls.

His shell got into pieces, however the medicine male glued all the pieces back together. This is why the Tortoise’s shell is not smooth. The morale of the lesson in the Igbo culture is not to be greedy and to be honest. However, in the plan of the book, it is likewise an indication of foreshadowing. In the story, the tortoise is extremely shrewd and deceives the birds. This is foreshadowing to the European colonization that begins later in the book. The European individuals come in and start imposing their religion and ways of life on the people of Umuofia with little opposition since individuals of Umuofia were captured off guard and gave trust to the Europeans.

The story recommend that through a joined front the people of Umuofia could topple the European individuals, however in reality that was extremely unlikely. The European enforced their lifestyle on the Umuofian’s and individuals of Umuofia adjusted. There was likewise talk in the book that those who did not go along with the modifications were removed and made servants. This isn’t the first example of foreshadowing in the novel either; the locusts earlier in the novel also foreshadowed the coming of the Europeans. This chapter is important for foreshadowing, in addition to showing the culture and how crucial it is.

In Chapter 11 of Chinua Achebe’s unique, Things Break down, Ekwefi tells the story of the Tortoise and the birds. The morale of the story being that being greedy is incorrect which sincerity is the best policy. In African culture, in addition to many other cultures, the act of storytelling spreads morals as well as develops culture. This is necessary for individuals of Umuofia particularly as their culture is about to be stripped. This is shown through the foreshadowing likewise consisted of in the story. The tortoise represents the European colonist and the birds represent the people of Umuofia. This is an essential conclusion to draw.

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