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Chinua Achebe: Things Fall Apart


Chinua Achebe: Things Break Down

The unique “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe is deeply entrenched with culture morals and values. Achebe writes about a reputable member of the Ibo neighborhood whose poor choices and fascinations with being strong and manly led to his death. Achebe uses different neighborhood occasions and rituals to provide the reader with a direct insight of the Ibo’s culture. The book is fixated the main character Okonkwo, a well respected leader in the community. Early on in his life, Okonkwo focused a severe quantity of attention on not resembling his dad, but the reality is he was weak similar to his dad.

By focusing on his daddy, Okonkwo fell weak to his own self-centered concepts of what a male should or ought to not be. His obsession with being weak triggered him to have a dreadful mood and be very violent. These actions were displayed in the beatings of his family; in an effort to manage them. Okonkwo believed his earliest boy Nwoye was weak similar to his dad so he was regularly beaten in an attempt to make him more “manly.” By the method, beating your family doesn’t display strength, it displays weak point. Strength is illustrated through regard.

For instance, people who are strongly abused by their partners or father don’t do as the abuser state because of their regard for him, they do it because of their fear of him. Like many people who are abused, Okonkwo’s family feared him. His obsession also caused him to make bad decisions by participating in killing his boy after he was cautioned not to take part in the killing. According to the Ibo society, a father ought to not participate in killing his child, which is an example of his compulsive habits. Not just was his action obsessive, it was also a sign of weak point.

It was clear to me early in the book Okonkwo made bad choices. Case in point, when he talked down to a male who reminded him of his daddy. Although the man didn’t have any titles, the other males did not concur with Okonkwo, he then worried and apologized for his statements. When once again he showed his inability to make good choices. In the end, Okonkwo was arrested and thrown in jail for participating in burning down a church. After his release from jail, Okonkwo went to a conference with the other captured leaders.

While at the conference, five court messengers tried to stop the conference, at which point Okonkwo beheaded one of the messengers with his machete, another bad choice. Okonkwo then understands that nobody from his town wants to go to war and dedicated his final poor choice. Okonkwo committed suicide by hanging himself in a tree. Being strong and manly is a terrific thing if that’s what you choose to be, however being obsessed with being strong and manly is destructive. Everybody in this world is various. Rather of concentrating on not resembling his dad, he should have concentrated on being more conscious his family.

It is obvious the more he attempted to be manly, the weaker he ended up being. However much of his weak point revealed when he was handling family issues. While being strong and manly has its advantages, if you are not careful it can become your weakness. I delighted in reading this novel; however, it was very difficult to follow. The author used numerous names and terms from the Ibo language which was hard to pronounce and follow. Since of the book’s in-depth insight of their culture, I would absolutely advise this book to others.

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