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Comparative paragraph on Iago and Othello in “Othello”


Relative paragraph on Iago and Othello in “Othello”

Relative Paragraph: Othello and Iago Othello and Iago have numerous resemblances. Although they differ in one method or the other, they still have some things in typical. First, Othello and Iago are both jealous and suspicious men. Report has it that Othello slept with Iago’s better half (Emilia). This is seen when Iago says, “For that I do presume the lusty Moor/Hath leap ‘d into my seat” (2. 1. 303-304). Othello likewise thinks Cassio and Desdemona. This is seen when he states, “Think’st thou I ‘d make a life of jealousy/With fresh suspicions? Here Othello is presuming Cassio having a secret relationship with his partner. Othello and Iago are comparable because they both get jealous and suspect individuals for having something with their partners. Likewise, these two characters are comparable since they both do not treat their better halves well. This is seen when Othello calls her names and strikes her. He says “Devil!” (4. 1. 255) He also asks her, “Are not you a strumpet?” (4. 2. 93). Iago likewise does not care.

He states to his other half, “To have a silly wife” This merely states that Othello and Iago are similar in the sense that they are both rude to their better halves. Regardless of the truth that they have resemblances, they still have distinctions; like the love Othello has for his spouse, which Iago does not have for his better half. Thirdly, they both show interest in revenge. Iago looks for revenge on Othello, while Othello seeks revenge on Desdemona. Iago’s interest in revenge is seen when he states to Roderigo about Othello, “I follow him to serve my turn upon him” (1. 1. 43).

Othello likewise seeks revenge on Desdemona, this is seen when he states, “Ay, let her rot and die and be damn ‘d tonight” (4. 1. 190). This is so because he feels she has actually ruined his honor by cheating on him, therefore he must end her life. Iago wishes to revenge on Othello since he promoted Cassio rather of him, so there for he serves Othello so he would finally revenge. In like way, Othello wishes to revenge on Desdemona since she has an affair with Cassio. Hence, Othello and Iago have several things in typical although they may be a foil to each other.

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