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Cry teh Beloved Country comparison between Stephen kumalo and James Jarvis


Cry teh Beloved Country contrast between Stephen kumalo and James Jarvis

People in this world are extremely similar to each other but they likewise have their differences. Many people are of the same ethnic culture or culture; they practice the exact same faith, and even have the very same leisure activities and delight in the very same activities. Although we are all alike in many ways, no matter how alike you exist will constantly be differences. In the book Cry the Beloved Nation, by Alan Paton, Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis are two different people and although they live in the exact same town they originate from 2 incredibly different worlds, and wind up conference in the middle.

Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis are two different individuals. Kumalo is a bad black preacher from the valley of the South African town of Ndotsheni. While searching for his sis in Johannesburg, Kumalo found that his boy, Absalom had eliminated a man, that guy was Jarvis’ child, Arthur. In the future in the book James Jarvis looses his wife to a disease. Kumalo is an extremely trusting man, very worried about the well-being of his family. He is not quick to get a handout. Kumalo is a very trusting guy, really concerned about the welfare of his family. He is not fast to receive a handout.

Kumalo trusts the Lord with everything he does, he is a caring and God- fearing male, “Although his money was little he brought her a red gown and a white thing that they called a turban for her head. Also a t-shirt, a set of short pants, and a jersey for the young boy and a number of stout scarfs for his mother to utilize on his nose” (64 ). Kumalo is extremely gullible and fasts to trust, he is also not extremely smart with individuals he relies on, “The guy looked a good guy, and the parson talked to him humbly, I gave a pound to a boy, he said, and he informed me he would get my ticket at the ticket office.

You have actually been cheated, umfundisi. Can you see the young man? No, you will not see him again” (49 ). On the other hand, James Jarvis is a racist who has actually never truly been exposed to the natives of South Africa, White people, black individuals, coloured individuals, Indians, it was the very first time that Jarvis and his better half had beinged in a church with individuals who were not white” (181 ). Due to their differences, Kumalo and Jarvis also have resemblances. Throughout the book Kumalo and Jarvis both lose loved ones. Kumalo’s son is killed since he killed Arthur Jarvis and his sis leaves to join a convent.

Jarvis also loses his kid, Arthur, and his other half dies after a health problem. Stephen Kumalo and James Jarvis are also really generous guys. Kumalo always gives whatever he needs to individuals who are in need. Near the end of the book Jarvis came around and provided the kids of Ndotsheni milk, “There outside the door was the milk, in shining cans in the cart. This milk is for children just, for those who are not yet at school … You would undoubtedly have a message for uJarvis umfundisi? And Kumalo stammered and stammered, and at last pointed his hand up at the sky.

And the male stated, Tixo will bless him, and Kumalo nodded” (271-272). Jarvis likewise started plans to build a church, “These things we performed in memory of our cherished kid. It was among her last dreams that a new church must be integrated in Ndotsheni and I will come to discuss it will you. Yours genuinely, James Jarvis” (296 ). Kumalo and Jarvis likewise both work to assist Ndotsheni through the drought, “There is tilling in Ndotsheni, and undoubtedly on all the farms around it. However the plouging goes slowly, since the young demonstrator, and behind him the chief, inform the guys they need to no longer fluctuate.

They toss up walls of earth, and till round the hills, so that the fields look no longer as they used to search in the old days of plouging” (299 ). The author selected these two men, a white male and a black man since they are older and set in their ways, “we do what remains in us, and why it is in us, that is likewise a secret. It is Christ in us, sobbing that males might be succored and forgiven, even when He Himself is forsaken” (140.) Due to the fact that of their age you can really see the progress that they have made, “this thing that is the heaviest thing of all my years is the heaviest thing of all your years likewise” (211. If two more youthful people were to alter it would not really imply anything since youths change all the time, it is their nature. Stephen Kumalo, when first introduced is an extremely trusting guy afraid to venture out into the world but finds a new pal. James Jarvis when first presented in the book was racist embeded in his ways and believed a black individual was just great for a farm hand or a servant. However despite the fact that they came from two various worlds they ended up conference in the middle.

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