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dej fahrenheit 451


dej fahrenheit 451

Eng I Honors # 3 Date Fahrenheit 451 Double Entry Journals Quote Description Lights snapped on and house doors opened all down the street, to watch the carnival set up. pg) 113. She shoved the valise in the waiting beetle, climbed up in, and sat mumbling … pg) 114. Vocabulary: Valise: A little traveling case. Prior to hand I had a little hint of knowledge of what valise was and from context it was safe to presume what the word implied, however I wished to make sure that the word didn’t have a double meaning as it was composed.

He stood and had just one leg … When he put his weight on it, a shower of silver needles gushed up the calf and went off at the knee. Pg) 121 Connections: Text to Self: This piece advised me of my own life when I sit down to long and the blood circulation stops on its way to my legs. After I stand up I feel as though I have no leg, however keep having phantom pain as though somebody is stabbing me ever so gently with countless little needles. A shotgun blast went off in his leg every time he put it down … Pg) 121 Links: Text to Text: This fragment advised me of the story Harrison Bergeron.

In Harrison Bergeron the over smart individuals have to use ear transmitters that make sounds when they believe intelligent things. At several points in the story George Bergeron hears gunshots from his transmitter and the resemblances captured my eye. Now, sucking all the night into his mouth and blowing it out pale, with all the blackness left heavily inside himself … Pg) 123 figurative language: In this sentence I think the author is attempting to highlight how dark it is out and add a sense of foreboding to the currently very gloomy scene.

I believe the heaviness Montag feels in this scene might be perhaps his guilt or his brand-new function depending on the unfavorable or positive truth you wanted to represent. It seemed like a boat less river frozen there in the raw light of the high arc lamps; you might drown trying to cross it, he felt; it was too large, it was too open. Pg) 124 Metaphorical Language: In this sentence the author used a simile to explain how wide the road seems to Montag in the minute he looks at where he has to cross. “You understand the war’s on?” Pg) 131

Concern: What was the war over? Why would the war affect what Montag does? He might feel the Hound, like autumn, come cold and dry and swift, like a wind that didn’t stir yard. Pg) 137 Metaphorical Language: Similes: In this sentence the narrator explains the hound to fall, for the factor of highlighting the way the Hound makes Montag feel while being pursued by the mechanical monster. He waded in and stripped in the darkness to the skin, sprinkling his body, arms, legs, head with raw liquor; drank it and snuffed some up his nose. Pg) 139

Question: How does cleaning his bare skin and snuffing the liquor into his nose assistance Montag to cover his fragrance from the mechanical Hound? Millie, he believed. all this country here. listen to it! Absolutely nothing and nothing. A lot silence, Millie, I wonder how you ‘d take it? Would you shout, Shut up shut up! Millie, Millie. And he was unfortunate. Pg) 139-140 Significance to Characterization: I believe this little part of text gives us a larger look on how Montag feels about Millie and of how Millie is quite in drawn and not very out going and keeps the “seashell” in her ear.

I feel this portion of text tells us how montag really feels about Millie; the series of emotions Montag feels in the wake of having his better half removed from him and how he feels about her betrayal. He floated on his back when the valise filled and sank … Pg) 140 Links: Text to Text: Through out this story I have made connections to a story I when checked out called The Provider, however this part particularly advises me of when the main character runs away with an infant called Gabriel this reminds me of when the 2 are on their way away from Home and on their way through Elsewhere.

He walked on the track. And he was shocked to find out how certain he suddenly was of a single reality he could not show. As soon as, long back, Clarisse had strolled here, where he was strolling now. Pg) 145 Connections: Text to Self: I have had the feeling of Deja vu often times when I am walking in a place I make sure I have actually never been, I will be walking, something will stun me, and I will remember something similar currently happening. That small motion, the white and red color, a strange fire due to the fact that it implied a various thing to him.

It was not burning. It was warming. Pg) 145 Reflections: At the beginning of the unique Montag feels the burning flames are a good idea, but as the novel goes through Montags’ feelings on the subject change significantly and he turns down the concept of the fire being even from another location excellent. Then he gets a start when he comes to the hobo camp and finds a different sort of fire. “… Anyhow, the cops have had him charted for months, years. Never ever know when that sort of information might be handy … It saves face. Oh God, look there!” Pg) 149

Commentary: When I initially read this passage I though to myself ‘How does he know?’ then I figured they had most likely had experience with cases like Montags’ where the runner gets away to them. However I do question the number of people escaped to these camps, and the number of passed away in the process of attempting. “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” Somebody said. And they all laughed silently, moving downstream. Pg) 155 Metaphorical Language: Once I read this line I read it three times before I could truly understand the hilarity of the statement in the eyes of these guys.

These guys are the books and therefore their bodies are the covers, and Montag looks at them with examination that was not technically negative, but would not have actually been totally favorable. … and there was no Denham’s dentifrice anywhere, it was just the preacher by himself … Pg) 161 Vocabulary: Dentifrice: An old word for tooth paste; As I go through the book Denham’s dentifrice is pointed out a few times in passing however it is not elaborated on. In fact when I first checked out Denham’s dentifrice I had believed that the jingle was for the rail train and each was humming along to that.

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