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Doctor Faustus Quotes with Page Number


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“Technology and convenience– having those, people speak of culture, but do not have it.”

— Page 309–“Genius is a kind of the life force that is deeply versed in disease, that both draws artistically from it and creates through it.”
—-“What an

absurd torture for the artist to know that an audience recognizes him with a work that, within himself, he has actually moved beyond and that was simply a game had fun with something in which he does not think.”

—-“To permit only

the kind of art that the average man understands is the worst small-mindedness and the murder of mind and spirit. It is my conviction that the intelligence can be certain that in doing what most perturbs the crowd, in pursuing the most bold, non-traditional advances and explorations, it will in some extremely indirect style serve guy– and in the long run, all males.”

—-“Illness, and the majority of specially opprobrious, suppressed, secret disease, produces a specific vital opposition to the world, to average life, gets rid of a male to be obstinate and ironical toward civil order, so that he looks for refuge in complimentary idea, in books, in study.”
— Page 37–“You will lead, you will strike up the march of the future, kids will swear by your name, and thanks to your madness they will no longer need to be mad.”
—-“To be young methods to be original, to have remained nearer to the sources of life: it implies to be able to stand up and shake off the fetters of an outlasted civilization, to dare– where others do not have the nerve– to plunge once again into the essential.”—- “Nevertheless opinionated, maybe even high-handed his presentations were,

he was undoubtedly an innovative guy– that was evident in the stimulating, thought-provoking effect his words had on a highly gifted young mind like Adri Leverk├╝hn’s. What had chiefly amazed him, as he exposed en route house and the following day in the schoolyard, was the distinction Kretzschmar had actually made in between cultic and cultural dates and his observation that the secularization of art, its separation from praise, was of just a superficial and episodic nature. The high-school sophomore was manifestly moved by a concept that the speaker had actually not even articulated, however that had ignited in him:: that the separation of art from any liturgical context, its freedom and elevation to the isolated and personal, to culture for culture’s sake, had actually strained it with a solemnity without any point of recommendation, an outright severity, a pathos of suffering epitomized in Beethoven’s terrible look in the doorway– but that did not need to be its abiding destiny, its continuous frame of mind. Simply listen to the boy! With almost no real, practical experience in the field of art, he was fantasizing in a space and in precocious words about art’s obviously impending retreat from its contemporary role to a happier, more modest one in the service of a greater fellowship, which did not need to be, as at one time, the Church. What it would be, he could not state.”—- “However affection and unhappiness, admiration and concern, is not that practically a definition of love?””There are individuals with whom it is challenging to live, however whom it is difficult to leave.”

— Page 59–“Even the piquant can forfeit popularity if connected to something intellectual.”—- “These artists pay little attention to an encircling present that bears no direct relation to the world of work in which they live, and
they therefore see in it absolutely nothing more than an indifferent framework for life, either more or less favorable to production.”—-“There is

a good deal of impression in an artwork; one might go farther and say that it is illusory in and of itself, as a”work.” Its aspiration is to make others believe that it was not made however rather merely occurred, burst forth from Jupiter’s head like Pallas Athena fully decorated in enchased

armor. But that is only a pretense. No work has ever entered being that way. It is certainly work, artistic labor for the purpose of illusion-and now the question arises whether, given the existing state of our awareness, our comprehension, and our sense of reality, the game is still permissible, still intellectually possible, can still be taken seriously; whether the work as such, as a self-dependent and harmonically self-contained structure, still stands in a legitimate relation to our problematical social condition, with its overall insecurity and absence of harmony; whether all illusion, even the most gorgeous, and particularly the most lovely, has not end up being a lie today.”—- “This old, folkish layer survives in us all, and to speak as I truly believe, I do not consider religion the most appropriate ways of keeping it under lock and secret. For that, literature alone avails, humanistic science, the suitable of the complimentary and stunning human.”

—-“For a short moment I felt I was the older, the more mature. “A gift of life, “I responded, “if not to state, a present of God, such as music, must not have the mocking charge of paradox leveled at it for things that are merely evidence of the fullness of its nature. One need to enjoy them.”
“Do you

believe love is the greatest feeling?”he asked.”Do you understand any stronger? “”Yes, interest. “”By which you probably indicate a love that has been denied of its animal warmth, is that it? “”Let’s settle on that meaning!” he stated with a laugh. “Great night!”We had actually shown up once again at the Leverk├╝hn home, and he opened his front door.”—-“However a man of tender level of sensitivities finds disruption unpleasant; he discovers it undesirable to break in on a sound train of thought with his own sensible or historic objections chosen from memory, and even in the anti-intellectual he will honor and respect the intelligence. Today we can see clearly enough that it was the mistake of our civilization to have actually been all too generous in exercising such forbearance and regard– since on the opposing side we were undoubtedly dealing with naked effrontery and the most identified intolerance.”—— Thomas Mann, Doctor Faustus

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