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Doctor Faustus Review


On the 14th November 2012 we went to the Rose’s Theatre in Tewkesbury to view Scene Productions perform the catastrophe ‘Physician Faustus’ which was filled with dissatisfaction and unexpected elements. Nevertheless, it did bring forward a message throughout the play which is showed clearly and successfully. This message was that people who give into temptation since of greed get penalized; this is based on a spiritual principle.

Initially we got informed the entire efficiency was going to be an hour, this immediately made me have doubts about the play and enabled me to think that it was going to be hurried which I felt like happened. In spite of this, there were some promising scenes which made me as the audience have a mixture of feelings.

When I first showed up into my seat, the first thing I observed was the set placed on stage. It appeared like an extremely easy set, however likewise extremely efficient. It plainly revealed the time the efficiency was set and enabled us to have an individual interpretation of the character Medical professional Faustus without even fulfilling him. Whilst the lights were still on and people were coming into the theatre, it seemed like the production began as we are very first introduced to 2 characters walking around in an ominous sort of manor, whether it was due to the fact that individuals were late into the theatre or it was planned, it was a substantial interruption and it was hard to focus on the predicament which is happening on stage, as I continued turning my head to the loud talking of people showing up, not just this the harsh lights were still on which assisted me to not concentrate on the characters on the phase whatsoever.

The character of Medical professional Faustus played by Ben Senior was presented as a puppet, this worked as it enabled us to understand that compared to hell he was seen as susceptible and small. It likewise assisted to distance the audience and revealed to us that we are not seeing reality; it was just an interpretation of an urban myth. Nevertheless, I likewise felt that it would have been much more efficient if it was a real actor performing due to the fact that then possibly we as the audience would be able to see his acting skills.

The music throughout the play was deliberately sinister to assess the significant style of the production which was death. The music helped to build the climax, create atmosphere and to identify the audience’s feeling. The continuous shouting and shouting in the soundtrack helped to depict hell as a harmful and horrific location to be. The music started to start prior to the play even began this worked as it permitted us to have an interpretation on the entire play and released an eerie atmosphere ahead of time.

There were a few errors made in the entire performance which discouraged me and made it appear unpleasant and disorganised. When organising props and having costume modifications behind the real set, it ended up being sidetracking if ever a sound was made or the sheet was accidently knocked. This decreases its efficiency as it plainly distracted me from the performance. Little events were made, from tripping up the stairs whilst getting on the stage, to a door not opening totally for Faustus to get through in reverse. However these little mistakes were appropriate however it brought up climaxes for nothing.

They established Medical professional Faustus’s ideas by presented them as an angel and a devil on either side attempting to encourage him to go onto their side. They were viewed as a black card with wings on either side and concealed their bodies. The relentless flapping of their wings revealed their persevering and their urge to not quit. Though often the angel and devils got a bit foolish

They likewise engaged with the audience which successfully broke the fourth wall, as it engaged the audience and it felt like we belonged to the play. Making use of the indication stating ‘clap’ or ‘gasp’, I believed was a rather over overstated as it entirely distracted you from the whole play. It also brought a funny feel to the entire efficiency which alters the whole theme, did they intend to make you laugh or feel sympathy for Faustus? They made a member of the audience feel unpleasant and separating the performer both physically and verbally. This makes the audience member feel worried about going on phase due to the distinct and spooky environment, however this can easily be criticised as I felt that due to this I was seeing more of a pantomime rather than a remarkable performance which I thought it was going to be as it struggled to produce an effective meaning, although it assisted to patronise the audience which produced a scary atmosphere, breaking the conventions of a normal and evil play.

The lighting throughout the play worked as it demonstrates the significant motif which is ethically evil. I was constantly engaged when the big-headed lead character who makes a pact with Lucifer to gain forbidden power and outstanding knowledge. He then finds himself getting dragged into the dirty mist of hell. The low budget plan efficiency included a mass of imagination, as the set didn’t change throughout the entire thing. There were little candles utilized to brighten the stage and set which cleverly represented the heat that burns in life and death. The Candles also represented beauty which is extremely ironic, as hell is an evil and sinister location, and is no place near beautiful.

In conclusion, I felt that the narrative was creative but the way they provided it was filled with frustration, maybe without the humour it would be classified as a dramatic play which is what it is initially expected to be. I myself would not go see it once again as it did not appeal to me whatsoever; it got showed as a pantomime and made me seem like a kid. Though I would recommend this production to the older generation as it is filled with complexities and enigmas, though it would also engage kids as they get brought in the humour.

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