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Doctor Faustus: Tragic Hero


Medical Professional Faustus: Terrible Hero

According to Aristotle, the classical meaning of a disaster is a drama with a hero. Doctor Faustus is the protagonist and tragic hero of Marlowe’s play. He is thought about a tragic hero because he brings his own downfall by the end of the play. Physician Faustus is a contradictory character due to his high ambitions and then his loss of sight and willingness to lose his power.

From the start of the story when Faustus is introduced, he tells the audience how he is usefully knowledgeable in law, medication and divinity and how he desires to find out more. From this instance his interest might be considered part of humanity, which is not incorrect in society. Nevertheless, having a lot curiosity frequently blinds Faustus from what is ideal and wrong. This interest results in Faustus negotiating with the devil, which is his tragic flaw.

A terrible hero needs to be doomed from the beginning of the play, but the character does not hold any responsibility for the defect or fault. The audience in turns understands that from the really beginning that Physician Faustus is possibly doomed. Medical professional Faustus has a sense of realism about his character, and due to the fact that of this it assists the audience relate this Faustus’s character much more. Faustus makes errors which is relatable to the human conditions and adds to the overall realism of the play.

The because of realism presents pity to the play. Faustus is arrogant, however because his aspirations are so big, we can not assist however feel impressed and feel compassion for Faustus. Considering that there is pity for Faustus it suggests that there was a connection between the audience and Physician Faustus. Total Faustus connects to his audience since of his since of realism and how he connects to human characteristics.

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