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Downfall of Othello


Failure of Othello

Downfall of Othello Human beings feel the requirement to communicate with one another, to fulfil this need people build relationships. These relationships can either bring great happiness or can become the very reason for human frailty. In the play ‘Othello’ by William Shakespeare we witness the downfall of the main character Othello and the underlying aspects which result in his downfall. One of the primary factors is the relationships he had with others. The relationship between Othello and Iago is built on friendship. The basis of this relationship is constructed on commitment and trust under the main scheme of vengeance.

On one side is Othello’s total faith and rely on Iago. While on the other side is Iago’s pretence of love and loyalty which is reduced by feelings of jealousy, anger and hate. Iago strategized a well structured plot to destroy Othello. Iago’s hatred for Othello came about when Cassio got appointed the position of lieutenant which Iago thought he truly was worthy of for he is more experienced than Michael Cassio who has actually “never ever set a squadron in the field, nor the department of a battle knows more than a spinster” unless he seeks the “bookish theoric”.

Iago makes it his mission to punish Othello for his expected betrayal and make Cassio and Desdemona the topic of vengeance. The primary weak point in Othello is his credible nature from which obtains other weaknesses, all of which ultimately leads to his downfall. Othello’s reliable nature is a weak point in his character; it is this particular which Iago preys on. “the moor is of a free and open nature, that thinks males sincere that however seem to be so, and will as tenderly be led by th’nose as asses are” His trusting nature makes him a target to adjustment and betrayal.

Othello became delusional in Iago’s ‘expected’ relationship. Trusting someone excessive makes us frail as we frequently lose the ability to make clear judgements and choices since we are under another person’s impact. Othello’s trust in Iago exceeds his rely on Desdemona as Othello’s suspicions are solely based on Iago’s words. This demonstrates how little faith he has in Desdemona as he needed no more query from Desdemona herself on these accusations against her. It is also humanity to be envious and suspicious but one’s capability to conquer the poison of jealousy figures out ones strength in character.

Othello stopped working to conquer his jealousy and being corrupted by Iago’s dangerous accusations against Desdemona he started to put all his trust in his ‘pal’, his ‘ensign’ Iago therefore acting on humanity by trusting the ‘good friend’ rather than the object of suspicion. Othello is of a trusting nature and Iago is well aware of this. He utilizes this understanding to his own benefit “in following him [he] follows however [himself] … not for love and duty but seemingly for [his] strange end”. The relationship in between Othello and Desdemona is developed on love. This love is both his strength and his ultimate weakness.

Othello enjoys Desdemona for the compassion and understanding she bestowed on him. She liked him for the wars he had actually fought, for the hardships he ‘d been through. Under Iago’s spell of control Othello begins to think that Desdemona’s committed the act of infidelity, “O curse of marriage, that we can call these fragile creatures ours and not their appetites” these suspicions become jealousy and rage which subdues his love. Jealousy is the bitter feeling of hate and hostility which can turn into one of the most effective fixations of human life.

Jealousy is the toxin which is brought by an addiction which is triggered by love. It has the power to ruin everything that we have spent so long in gaining. It can damage ones self-confidence in themselves, it can destroy the structures of one’s character and it damages the relationships that human beings have with others. Love is the potion that humans consumption and this turns to jealousy that damages the human mind, makes us frail and ultimately damages us. Othello’s fear of losing Desdemona causes him to act out of character.

In the beginning he was convinced that it was his nerve and nobility that won Desdemona’s heart but now he is required to think that she will leave him since he has more flaws than beauty. He says “haply for I am black and have not those pulps of discussion that chamberers have, or for I am declined into the vale of years- yet that’s not much- she’s gone, I am abused and my relief needs to be to hate her”. Here he is pointing out his flaws, all those flaws that had actually not troubled him before he is now discovering.

This is a contrast to the guy we experienced at the beginning that stood with confidence infront of Desdemona’s dad, Brabantio and the Duke and Senators declaring the factors for why Desdemona fell for him. “she loved me for the threats I had pass ‘d, and I loved her that she did pity them”. He now lacks confidence for he is comparing himself with the likes of others, believing that he is unsatisfactory for Desdemona. His suspicions led him to analyse the factors for why Desdemona might leave him. He started to evaluate the external appeal which he felt he lacked.

These external aspects are the opposable factors for why Desdemona This is a revelation of his insecurities and his absence of faith and trust in the woman he ‘enjoys’. He enjoys Desdemona so exceedingly that the thought of her being with somebody else makes him so overwhelmed that he drops into epilepsy. He was spiritually and in his body totally tired and the reason for this fatigue was love. The trust developed by love had actually been damaged by Desdemona’s ‘supposed betrayal’. It is this love, a love which implies for him life or death that had been betrayed. It is our weak points that hurt us and eventually destroys us.

Our failure to compare the masks and the real identities of others makes us weak. It offers individuals factor to use us to attain their own benefits. Othello’s failure to compare Iago’s mask of love in relationship and Desdemona’s real love led to othello’s failure for he lost all that he had due to his inability to distinguish between the two. I think that one of the primary aspects that caused his failure was the dispute that he dealt with within himself; his character. It is his love for Desdemona versus which Othello fights with all the time. His love for Desdemona is a test in character.

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