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Dystopian Novel Rationale Annotation to Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451


This passage from Fahrenheit 451 is the most informative area of the book, it talks about the state of the world in the book. Some of the primary themes of this book and passage are innovation and modernization, considering that the majority of society is managed by innovation, and knowledge and knowledge, due to the fact that Man Montag acquires knowledge from numerous people in the book, in this section it was Captain Beatty giving him the understanding. Captain Beatty goes to Person’s house, because he didn’t go to work that day. He didn’t go to work because he recently burned down a house with a great deal of books in addition to an old lady. Man questions why they need to burn down houses with books and is stunned that he killed a female. So, captain Beatty pertained to talk to him about it.

Technology plays a truly huge role in this story and in this passage. In this passage Beatty speak about how technology ultimately eliminated all of the books due to the fact that in book individuals count on tv for joy as he points out in another part of the book. This is likewise shown when Beatty states “Technology, mass exploitation, and minority pressure carried the trick (to end books)” (Bradbury 55). Beatty tells Person that technology is among the huge factors that books aren’t around anymore. Person understand this due to the fact that his partner is always enjoying television. That reveals that technology is one of the primary reason that the government is controling everybody and is extremely essential to the total plot of the book.

The figurative language of the passage is extremely popular and vital for Captain Beatty to tell Guy about the state of the world. He utilizes idioms, hyperboles and a great deal of other kinds of metaphorical language in the book. An example of this is when Beatty tells Guy that “But the public, knowing what it desired, spinning happily, let the comicbooks survive.” (55 ). The metaphorical language utilized in this sentence is “spinning happily” (55) which is a hyperbole. The thing being overemphasized is the fact that individuals were delighted. However utilizing a hyperbole in this case works since it tells Guy that individuals were extremely delighted and happy that books stopped selling, so it magnifies the fact that they enjoyed.

The syntax and structure of some sentences were extremely important to persuade the reader and Person why the important things Beatty is telling them holds true and uses to most of the population. When Man asks Beatty about why firefighters are required he responded with “With school ending up more runners, jumpers, racers, tinkerers, grabbers, snatchers, fliers, and swimmers rather of examiners, critics, knowers, and creative creators, the word’ intellectual,’ obviously, became the swear word it was worthy of to be.” (55 ). He listed a lot of people that makes the reader and, maybe, Man believe that a lot that those are a great deal of people. It assists Beatty encourage Guy and the reader that everyone enjoys with the state of the world now.

So in general, the annotated page has a good representation of the book Fahrenheit 451 in basic. Throughout the book there is a major theme of innovation, usage of figurative language to magnify the significance of some things in the book, and using syntax and sentence structure to manipulate the reader into believing that the population wanted to be in the circumstance they are in today without any manipulation.

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